1 Month @ SIMSREE - Narration by MMS 2012-14 batch Student

 | September 10,2012 04:06 pm IST

Allotment of SIMSREE: Sydenham Institute of Management Studies, Research and Entrepreneurship Education culminated the tedious long drawn struggle with quant and verbal and gave way to joy, excitement and hope. All that joy was diluted when there came a pile of pre-induction assignments.

These assignments gave me an overview of how difficult life would be at SIMSREE and I started planning about ways and means to make the next 2 years-The best days of my life!

A day before D-day, I got a mail mentioning the code of conduct and the things to do list, attire etc.. It was then that the fact that I was about to attend a B-school struck me, not just any B-School, its SIMSREE. So there I was, trekking to SIMSREE, located in the heart of Mumbai. Wearing new clothes, sparkling new shoes and a copy of the days Economic Times, a hallmark of the identity of a B-school student and a bag full of dreams and expectations. Apart from few familiar faces I was surrounded by a lot of new faces, some as nervous and anxious as mine, while rest were pretty comfortable with the crowd and already talking to each other. For the first two days EBITDA was our Morning Greeting and REPO was our lunch companion, both the terms being equally alien to me. I soon realised that a lot of effort would be needed to survive in a big ocean, where only the fittest survive, nay, succeed.

I realised that most of my classmates were on a mission, some of them aware of exactly what they want while some were not that lucky. A mission to be someone different, to get a kick start, a launch pad that would automatically launch them to the post somewhere near a CEO. But I took all this very positively. All of us were enamoured by our esteemed Alumni, some of whom gracefully interacted with us. Many of them were very near the corner office and some had hit the bulls eye effectively. So did I have it in me to step in the successful shoes of my Alumni, I wondered.

Something that sets SIMSREE apart from other B-Schools is the fact that it is student driven, which is our USP. A unified student body headed by two student chairmen, a very capable and hardworking Placement Committee under the able guidance of the Director, Dr. M.A. Khan. All activities in the Campus and outside are all governed by the students. All the student bodies are democratically elected by the students themselves. In the true sense of the word, SIMSREE is for the students, by the students and of the students.

If we talk about Graduation days v/s B-school days, there are enough differences but one thing that I have learnt in a month on this campus is balancing the act of work and fun. No doubt we have learnt to work with strict deadlines, but the challenge is not just the deadline but we have to multitask along with it. Coming to the fun part, two incidents that stand out the most and are, first the Independence Day followed by the ice breaking session with seniors. They are the right mentors and friends. One of the best senior-junior rapports I have experienced. And if were talking about fun how can I forget: The Manori Outbound! Sheer fun activities all enveloped with learning important concepts.

Every student came here with some dreams, some expectations and a whole lot of excitement. But these couple of weeks have made me realise that these expectations were way too superficial and this institute has a lot more than that to offer. The SIMSREE policy of working outside ones comfort zone pushes each student to outperform his own benchmark, befriend people of polar wavelengths and nurture healthy competition in this rat race.

The commitment of the Alumni and their conviction to their Alma Mater inspires the SIMSREE-ite within each one of us and encourages us to keep up the glory and continue the legacy.

The month so far in SIMSREE has been a palette full of colours. Everything from the ET sessions, the guest lectures, the team activities, Manjus chai and not to forget Marine drive, our ultimate place of solace after a long tiring day , has been one of those days you would want to relive a million times!
Asked to put my experience in one line I would say Youve heard it and you know it's right, we SIMSREE-ites are dynamites!!