Azab MBA ki Ghazab Kahani

 | June 13,2011 10:32 am IST

I had always thought that MBA is an acronym for “Master Of Bad Activities”(I had a t-shirt with this tagline)-I had thought that I would come to a top MBA college and enjoy my life as a bad guy with all the money I get post-MBA- That once I clear the CAT hurdle, rest of the life is a cakewalk. But alas all my dreams and fascinations were shattered in the first few days of my college life and I came to realize that everything or dare I say “nothing” about MBA life is hunky-dory.


Since classes start early in the morning, I need to wake up at 7.30 and then the endless sessions (infact ordeal) starts. Attending classes of 1.5 hrs and more importantly being attentive while attending the entire 1.5 hrs session appears to be a herculean task. In the Maths classes I feel like I am a fool sitting among a pool of humans with high IQ’s. Now I am slowly beginning to understand why most B-schools have a so called sectional cutoffs .Getting admitted by scoring highly in ones favorite subject and just clearing the cutoffs in the other two sections has huge disadvantages. And Maths classes remind me of this fact time and again.


I would like to stress that this is the first time in my entire 16 yr academic career when I am supposed to study before attending a class of particular subject. I had that that since we are entering a professional career we will be given flexibility as adults. But NO, we are treated like children, chided like unruly students and what not!


With umpteen numbers of presentation and quizzes lined up, life appears to be a closed ended maze. With seven subjects in 3 months and an equally staggering number of groups, one tends to forget which fellow classmate is in which subject group. And as if all of these were not enough our beloved seniors pop up time and again in lunch time to educate us about the importance of “practical knowledge” in MBA education which can be achieved only by joining their clubs.


Oh my God! I am yet to discuss the biggest dilemma hounding me day in and day out. Which discipline of management do I take? Candidly, I was reluctant to take marketing because I just hate that peddling thing and because it involves a lot travelling .Clearly finance appeared to be the beaconing light. But as I studied the financial accounting and other math related subjects, there was an epiphany. That I am weak in maths -Terribly Weak. In the class, while doing a simple 4 digit addition/multiplication without calci, I committed mistake. And as a financial manager I am expected to look and analyze 10+ digit financial balance sheets of top companies of our country. And lead them to glory??? WOW.


Since this dilemma was pestering me day and night I decided to consult some of my learned friends. As all of us know that in India we get one thing for free: advice, so I decided to get my quota of the free thing. And Lo, rather than clearing my confusions, the sincere advices created another set of confusions in my mind.


Despite all the travails I have listed above, MBA life comes with its own set of charm. The idiosyncrasies of batch mates and the jestful comments by teachers make the class humorous. The numerous parties and the DJ nights make our lives eventful. The late night counter strike game played in bigger groups act as a great stress buster. A life at a Delhi based B-School wont be complete without the mention of guys devouring on double burst Dominoes pizzas, Pandeyji’s Parante, Singh Food’s Mutton Kababs, Secular Mess’s Delicacies etc. Few other things that deserve mention are the fun-filled birthday celebrations and students repeating professor’s dialogues and bursting into laughter. 


So here I stand today with a lot of confusions, delusions and hallucinations of the MBA life- by investing a lot of energy, money, time. This journey of pain and pleasure,sadness and happiness,busy schedules and boredom, frustration and elation has indeed been an exhilarating one.




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dilip Jain on 06/14/11 at 06:08 pm

Truly said Sambhit....

A nice article which captures the essence of MBA life...

Sambhit went well in saying that how a person decides over specialization...All my life even I thought that I am good in mathematics and here for my surprise I find scoring worst in subjects with use of maths....And now specializing in finance is distant thng for me as well.....