Back to School – Just a Little Different This Time Around | Taste of Symbiosis Life

 | July 29,2010 01:01 pm IST

After all the hard work in my Engineering College, getting a job and working on the best technologies available, I was getting bored as each day went by. A little bit of soul- searching coupled with a lot of research led me to realise that I had to learn more about the business and the works.

Rudimentary logic led me to a fact that I could, in fact catch up with the hottest thing these days – MBA. Moreover, I could actually get a taste of the future – operations.


Thank God for making me recognise the only shortcut to success – Knowledge. So here I was, at SIOM, Back to School – Just a little different this time around.


Faculty, students, curriculum, Prof-Student Ratio, Facilities and blah blah blah...these are everywhere. So what makes this college so special? Why am I here? Why did so many people who were at the peak of their learning curves quit their jobs and come to understand the finer aspects of Operations? The answer lies in the question – Finer Aspects. Like it is important to have Black olives in your pizza, but how many is the key. How to make things work is important, here I am learning to make them work perfectly.


360⁰ learning is the buzzword and somehow the whole campus is just ‘buzzing’ with it! The program develops a crystal-clear, strategic understanding of operations systems, their vital components, contributions, interactions with other functional areas and the analytical and computer tools necessary to address both strategic and tactical issues.


The emphasis is on a having a strong body, an active mind and how to stay focussed. So we could actually volunteer for a ten day course of Vipassana and that was a mindboggling experience – literally.


My day starts at 6, I have a choice of how I want to keep myself and whatever is left of the brain, fit. I can take up Yoga classes, Aerobics or if I want to pump a bit of iron there is always the Gym. I wonder how many of us felt the Burnt Out Syndrome, well I did, at work. Anyway, wallowing in self-pity is bad for the system. So here I feel the need to work out before I start my day. Classes and Guest Lectures, Case Studies and Presentations – These take up most of my day. In fact, this is expected out of a B-School routine. But night? What about it? I need a good sleep of 6 hours so its lights out at midnight. My evenings are spent at the library, café and the courts.


The Green Turf (GT) is my favourite area. We are 6-7 people who are gifted with this ‘verbal diarrhoea’ thing and the GT is the best place to carry out operations!! So the GT is where the badminton courts are, the 4-4 football games happen, the case study discussions and the general discussions. The café is at a stone’s throw and that is an added advantage.


Thank God for vineyards!! My favourite getaway is this B.E.A.utiful vineyard just a few minutes from college and right next to the vineyard is the Nashik reservoir. Of course it is not allowed to hang around there but the view is breathtaking. I don’t swim, I never take my chances with water!!


We just concluded our national seminar – Tattv, this year’s theme being Strategic Foresight. Next, we have Drishti lined up which is an all out fun event. The party scene is a bit off because parties happen on the GT and we can play music till 11 – It’s the rule in the city. Festivals are obviously an exception.
Whatever the case may be, the time spent at SIOM is simply unforgettable, and will remain so as I move ahead in life. I’ll really cherish all my moments spent at SIOM.