CFA Institute introduces new scholarship schemes for students

 | August 16,2012 01:24 pm IST

CFA Program, administrated by CFA Institute, is a professional credentialing program for investment professionals. Beginning with the 2013 CFA exams, CFA Institute and its member societies worldwide are making available Access Scholarships, needs-based scholarships, for those unable to afford the full price of the CFA Program enrollment and exam registration fees.


Each Access Scholarship will reduce CFA Program enrollment and exam registration fees to USD250, which includes a copy of the corresponding curriculum in eBook format. CFA Institute will work with member societies throughout the world to evaluate applicants on their financial need and other factors. CFA Institute expects to award more than 2,600 scholarships to qualified applicants worldwide each year.


The Access Scholarships application for the 2013 exams is currently available online, and the application deadline is 31 August 2012. Application results will be announced by 7 December 2012. If awarded, recipients can then apply the scholarship to either the June 2013 exam (to be held on 1 June 2013) or the December 2013 exam (to be held on 7 December 2013).


There has been increasing demand for professional education and credentials. CFA Program is one of the most popular, globally recognized credentialing programs in the investment industry. Employers recognize the CFA charter as a reliable way to differentiate the most qualified, up-to-date, and determined job applicants, frequently listing the CFA charter as a requirement for the position. In fiscal year 2012, there are around 220,000 CFA exam registrations.