Cognizant asks Techno-Managers to Go Green at VGSoM, IIT Kharagpur

 | August 30,2010 12:41 pm IST

Mr. Premkumar Pandurangam, Director-Sustainability, Cognizant Technology Solutions delivered a guest lecture to the students of VGSoM, IIT Kharagpur this Thursday.

The topic of the lecture was “Green IT” and “Role of Techno-managers in implementing greener solutions”.


Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Pandurangam emphasised the need for IT companies to switch to greener alternatives voluntarily even though the statute did not mandate it to VGSoM, IIT Kharagpur students. He maintained that the present model of consumption driven growth was not sustainable and industry would be able to sustain only when companies try and create wealth out of the waste.


Mr. PremKumar explained in great detail the factors involved like measuring carbon footprint, the scope of carbon credit, and principle of double counting which exhibited a very deep understanding of the finer nuances of: Going Green”. He demonstrated how Cognizant had taken enormous strides in this direction and showed significant savings by pioneering some green initiatives. The session was made very informative with the use of rich multimedia content like pictures and videos which kept the audience enthralled and keenly interested. The session was not a lecture per se; it was more of an interactive session where the students of VGSoM showed a great deal of enthusiasm in learning about the initiatives and suggesting solutions themselves.


The speaker was impressed with the range of questions coming from the audience and the students in turn were enthralled by the depth of knowledge of the speaker.. As a parting shot, Mr. Premkumar advised the students to explore new alternatives instead of traditional career paths where they could use their skills to contribute to the greater good of the society. Think different, Think out of the box!! Mr. Pandurangam’s words will remain etched in the memories of VGSoM and its students in times to come!