First Few Months at BIM, Trichy

 | August 03,2010 06:09 pm IST

As an MBA aspirant back a few 6-7 odd months, I was working hard to get into a top B-School, fat pay package being one of the main reasons. Everything looked so glossy, just getting through written exam was what in my mind.

After getting through the written exam, next big thing ahead of me was clearing interviews and group discussions. Finally, all my efforts helped me get a seat in BIM, Trichy.


I had a month and a half before I had to join the institute. The happiness of achievement reigned over me and I wanted to enjoy that moment like anything completely unaware as to what is waiting for me. Being from North India, joining a college in South was in itself a good enough reason to be so excited. I was quite well prepared to meet any language barriers.


Finally, the day arrived when I had to bid bye to all my relatives and friends and start for a new journey of my life. I was feeling excited and proud of my achievement and could easily visualize the day I get good placement with good pay. When I reached the hostel I was getting to know my classmates who came from varied backgrounds. Some did B.Com, some did engineering, some were doctors and many more. The first day in a B-school, was in itself a special feeling. Immediately after registration, I got the first shock of my life at B-School in the form of case on decision modeling even before any class, which had to be submitted by the next morning. At first, I thought a case even before any class is something impossible. But when I saw others putting in efforts to reach to a solution, I had to do something. We had to form a group of five on our own which was a Herculean as well as a learning task for all of us on the very first day. After forming the group, we could finally arrive at a solution only by 2:00 am.


The second shock came when we got the schedule of the week ahead of us. I could see classes from 8:00am in the morning to 9:00 pm in the night. It took me some time to digest this. And to add this we had continuous lectures of a single faculty for as much as four hours .Boy, I never had a lecture of any professor for more than an hour in my entire life. To top it all, the shift of my diet from north Indian dishes to south Indian dishes made me buy a pack of "Pudin Hara". Thanks to the supporting seniors who helped us a lot from time to time whenever we needed them.


"Socha tha kya,kya ho gaya" was the only song I could remember of all through this period. Sleeping at 2:00am and getting up at 7:00am to attend class from 8:00am became a normal schedule for me. Our patience was tested to the extent when we had personality development course from 6:00pm to 3:00am. I cursed every morning, none other than myself, and my decision to join a B-School. Only then did I understand why the interviewers in the panel asked,” Why do you want to do an MBA?"


Dealing with presentations and assignments became a normal routine. And we slowly adjusted to the long four-hour lectures. Then came the MARWAR-2004 week which made us know the real picture of what lies ahead of us, not only in the coming two years, but later as well. The professors had all planned to load us with umpteen numbers of assignments, classes and tests in the week which showed us our real potential and taught us the ability to handle pressures.


Being an engineer, the accounting and economics classes were a nightmare for me. Till date I have not been able to balance even a single balance sheet.


But thankfully it was not the case with me only; every engineer had a similar experience except a few who had a prior work experience.


But now when I look back after completing my first trimester as to what value addition I have, I see a clear difference in me than what I was three months back.


At least now I know, that there are full twenty-four hours in a day, which can be, used effectively what we had been wasting till now. Time management is one real asset that I developed in these three months. Joining BIM has given me with an opportunity to meet people with varied backgrounds, get a good network of intellectual people and give a chance to learn Tamil. Much software that I learnt for problem solving has given me an edge over any other MBA graduate of first year in the country.


But we still keep our fingers crossed coz we never know what is in bag for us the next morning."Jaane kya hoga Rama Re..."


Contributed by -
Mayur Mayank,
BIM, Trichy.



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Guest on 09/09/10 at 11:05 pm

oops!!! man i am also an engineer,it is just that i have already adjusted to the food in south india as im doing my here.Dnt worry atleast u got what you chill:) all the best.....the article was good:)

Guest on 02/22/11 at 09:55 am

I like BIM very much ................