Future Managers at SPJIMR suggest solution to key problems of Indian States

 | September 24,2012 01:22 pm IST

Leveraging the cultural and demographic diversity of students at SPJIMR, a unique intra-collegiate event was organized, called Statesman Your State, Your Voice, where the students in groups presented key problems faced by their respective states before a panel of faculty members acting as the Prime Ministers council. They came up with a root-cause analysis of the problems, and suggested feasible and innovative solutions to handle them.

Nine teams, representing the states of Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan, Sikkim, Uttaranchal and West Bengal participated in the event.


The team representing the state of Jharkhand suggested that the problem of Naxalism can be solved only when we consider the Maoists as one amongst us and not people alien to the state. It is important that state itself benefit the most from the sale of its natural resources and that it invests the profits made from them in infrastructure development and set up model towns around the mines that will enable them to win the trust of the people. They also recommended setting up of a central mining company along the lines of the Navratna PSUs to oversee the entire mining activities in the state of Jharkhand.


To bridge the financial deficit in the state of West Bengal, the representing team suggested development of world class ports that can serve as gateway to entire eastern and northern parts of the country. They also stressed on tourism and film industry as potential untapped sectors which state can look into for revenue generation and brand building.


The solution to the rampant drug abuse in Punjab could be the introduction of agriculture-specific courses at high schools and colleges. Through these courses, students can develop necessary skills to engage themselves productively in the agricultural sector which is the primary source of income in Punjab, thus preventing youth from straying.


Management students are skilled to solve corporate problems and, more recently, problems faced by NGOs. It is time that they started to look at the management and administrative problems of our states and address problems related to culture and administrative systems and processes. Such a perspective will help them better understand issues at the micro-level, enabling them assess potential market segments and come up with customized and innovative products and services based on the need of the people. At the macro level, students can use their skills and expertise to participate in solving governance and developmental issues faced by the states, thus directly contributing towards the growth of the nation.


The panel of Prof. Lata Dhir, Dr. Keith DSouza, Dr. Suranjan Das and Dr. R.K. Pattnaik judging the event recommended the participating students to study the problems raised by them in greater depth and come up with a detailed report which can be shared with the Chief Ministers of their respective states. They also suggested that a dedicated course along these lines would help to increase social sensitivity and prepare the young future leaders to tackle the problems of Indian states in a skilled and creative manner.

SPJIMR has always stressed on beyond the class room learning where its programs like Abhyudaya and DOCC have already made an impact in the social sector. This event was a step towards making students aware of the problems faced by different states and motivating them to participate in the governance of our country. The event was organized by the Student HR Committee which is part of a unique program of SPJIMR - the ADMAP (Assessment and Development of Managerial and Administrative Potential), which aims to develop administrative skills of students through self-management and committee work.