Get ready to get 'Klueless' the IIM Indore way

 | October 08,2012 03:57 pm IST

There is an alternative. There is always a third way, and it is not the combination of other two ways.

It is a different way- David Carradine

Those who have the urge to find this third way Klueless is what you are looking for. It is one of the most popular and awaited events that Ahvan comes up with every year. And it is no different this year; just that its got bigger and better.

The event is purely an online game, which is launched as a precursor to Ahvan. It tests your logical reasoning and out of the box thinking capabilities. Klueless requires you to navigate through a set of web pages to find clues and deduce answer for questions and reach the next level. With the passage of each level the toughness increases, making it challenging and almost impossible to figure out the clues. It is one event that sees participation not only from the student community but also from the employed community.

The popularity and excitement that Klueless brings every year requires no introduction. Its history speaks for itself. Known for its creativity and originality, the event last year saw 3.5 million hits and a participation of around 95000 people from 110 countries. This year the event looks forward to go one step ahead.

The event has already been a hit in the on the campus round, and now it is your chance to get challenged. If you have that urge to test your logical skills and showcase the out of the box thinking of yours, you will love to be a part of Klueless. Join in and be a part of the Klueless madness.

It is kind of fun to do the impossible.- Walt Disney