Guest Lecture by Mr Pritam Bannerjee, Senior Director for Corporate Public Policy (South Asia) - DHL Group at PGCIM , SPJIMR

 | October 25,2012 11:18 am IST

Mr. Pritam Banerjee, Senior Director for Corporate Public Policy (South Asia) - DHL Group addressed PGCIM participants at SPJIMR, Mumbai today in a guest lecture on the Logistics and Supply Chain business.

Mr. Banerjee is responsible for the DHL group business engagement with government on issues related to regulatory affairs, and leading policy initiatives for business development. He was previously heading CIIs (Confederation of Indian Industry) Trade Policy Division and has also served as a member on Taskforce on Transaction Costs constituted by the Ministry of Commerce to identify and implement reforms in Indias EXIM regulatory and infrastructure environment.

Speaking of Logistics and Supply Chain business in general and particularly on the working of DHL in India and across the globe, he talked about some of the roadblocks for the logistics industry and also of the huge opportunities in store for future managers in the industry. He also emphasized on the importance of adopting a core value and culture within an organization if it has to move above in the value chain and stretch beyond its local boundaries.
Citing a simple example of how a Rakhi travels from a small town in India to a city in USA via multiple flights, he explained how improvements in efficiency in DHLs logistics business has helped them achieve a 99.98% success rate in adhering to strict standards in terms of delivery time. Encouraging the PGCIM participants, he spoke of how they could develop their skill set as Indo-EU trade experts during their studies and work life in Europe and implement their learning in India to improve the facilities and optimally use the abundant resources available here. However, owing to the enormous geographical size and the level of competition within its boundaries itself, the situation would be much more challenging in India.