Guest Lecture by Mr.Sanjoy Sen, Div CIO, ITC India Ltd at VGSoM, IIT Kharagpur

 | April 03,2012 10:20 am IST

The students of Vinod Gupta School of Management (VGSoM ) witnessed one of the best Guest Lectures this spring semester by Mr.Sanjoy Sen, Div CIO, ITC India Ltd.

Mr. Sen started off by asking the students what they expected from the lecture and zeroed in on a couple of very relevant topics for a MBA graduate, being, the role of CIO in the future and mobile computing.

Mr. Sen explained the manner in which IT and business evolved with the use of excel sheets, which proved to be a much better tool than the previously used punch cards. He explained about the challenges in the IT industry, mainly, related to the tightened IT budget and the information security risk. Mr. Sen also mentioned the role of the Governmental regulations and its frequent changes. He was quick to provide a 2-tier approach Utility IT and Enabler IT, as a solution to the challenges and moved onto the IT value chain part.

Mr. Sen spoke at length on the challenges faced in the industry today like handling huge information, big data tools, etc. Citing various examples, he explained the changing trends in IT which are being used day-in and day-out to support various business processes and overcome these challenges.

He further explained different business & growth drivers and IT enablers in various verticals like CPG, hospitality, retail and manufacturing. He cited quite a lot of examples under each domain and explained how IT is being leveraged to the maximum under these domains.

Mr. Sen also spoke about the changing technology trends like virtualization which would re-shape the industries in the future. The CIO ended the lecture on a high note by talking about cloud computing and the impact it has had on the IT industry and the benefits of social networking.