How has Life Been at FMS So Far?

 | August 09,2010 03:43 pm IST

Getting a final admit from FMS was one dream that came true for me. It was among the happiest days of my life - the day I learned that I had made it.

The South Campus of University of Delhi is picturesque and houses many other courses apart from FMS. This provides a wonderful blend of variety which makes living here a real treat.


We have double seater rooms in the hostel for 1st year students, and the University hostel has students from other courses too. This also gives us an opportunity to imbibe perspectives about more than just the world of business. I have been here 8 months now, and I believe I have gone through a wide gamut of emotions that have ranged from great joy at doing something well to complete exhaustion after trying to do too many things in too little time. The first semester was extremely hectic with a range of subjects to get acquainted with. Accountancy was my nemesis, and I had to try extra hard to keep up with the class which houses some amazingly sharp minds from all walks of life. Time flies at the speed of light during the first couple of months. You don't even know and it is already time for summer placements. First semester exams follow the placements, and everybody is busy trying to make an impact and do well.


We have had many parties in between, along with some great festivals with songs and dance, as well as cricket and badminton tournaments - all of these have helped us unwind after the hard work that is required of us throughout the week.


A day in the Life of An FMS Student

A normal day in the life of an FMS student starts around 8am when he gets up and gets ready to attend the class which begins sharp at 9. If he has time, he can have breakfast in the mess; otherwise he waits till 10.30 when the first class gets over. There are 4 classes everyday with a duration of 1 hrs each. Once or twice every week, the classes are followed by a Guest Lecture by eminent personalities from the industry who provide first-hand experience and great insights about the ever-changing business scenario.


After giving his best in the classroom, the FMSite approaches one of the sports arenas to take part in Cricket, Football, Badminton etc. This is followed by a quick visit to Satya Niketan which houses some good and affordable places to catch a quick bite or even just hang out. Then the time comes to get down to 'business' and prepare yourself for the next day's classes, complete the PPTs, projects and papers. Dinner at the mess is followed by a stroll through the greenery of South Campus, which refreshes the mind like nothing else does. Sleep is high on demand, but low in supply. The FMS student knows that there is a time to do everything, and he knows that these two years are not meant to sleep!