IBS counsels students in 45 cities about management education

 | March 03,2012 10:27 am IST

The IBS Selection briefings that had begun on Feb 14, 2012, spread over 45 cities, concluded successfully after 12 days of hectic student activity. 5000 applicants from all over the country attended the briefings with North India having the highest turnout of students.

Among all cities, Delhi marked the highest attendance with 600 students, and Kolkata followed close with 400 students. Eminent faculty members from IBS schools addressed the students during these sessions and clarified their doubts about management education, employment prospects and the global business scenario.


The most commonly asked questions were regarding placements, the ranking of campuses, and the methods used to impart training at these institutes. When asked about the success rate of placements, Prof. O.P Gupta, the Director of IBS Gurgaon stated, We ensure that students are equipped with the right tools to compete in the global business environment. IBS has a good track record of placements and our students are highly employable. But good placements also depend on individual merit.


The briefing sessions were of one hour thirty minutes each. They included an address by senior faculty members, a Q&A session with the students, a short film on life at IBS Campuses and an address by eminent alumni of the respective Campuses.


IBS has been guiding students for the past eight years through these briefings that counsel them about management education in general and specifically about their future at IBS. The turnout at the briefings has been increasing steadily over the years with more students taking an interest in management as a career option than ever before.