IIM A Exchequer finishes off in Grand Style

 | October 10,2011 01:15 pm IST

Beta – the Finance and Investments Club of IIMA in association with leading global investment bank UBS, successfully concluded their flagship event Exchequer. After two days of intensive competition, ISB Hyderabad was crowned the ‘Wizards of Finance’ and the winners of Exchequer 2011.

The overall winners were decided on the basis of the results of the individual events – Arbitrage (Capital Markets), White Knight (financial strategy), DealMaker (investment banking) and Leverage (PE/VC). The event by event results are:

Arbitrage – IIM Ahmedabad

White Knight – IIM Indore

DealMaker – ISB Hyderabad

Leverage – ISB Hyberabad The runners up to the event were IIM Indore.


All participating teams highly praised Exchequer’s content and execution. The event Arbitrage organized by Manpreet Singh (Senior Member, Beta) got several mentions for being highly innovative.


The highlight of the second day of Exchequer was the talk by Mr. Nilesh Shah, the President of Corporate Banking, Axis Bank. Drawing analogies with the Mahabharat, car purchasing and driving decisions and other real life situations, he explained the basic of effective and successful fund management to the enthusiastic audience made up of participants of Exchequer and IIMA students.


According to him, Equity investments ought to be done not just by using valuation models through excel sheets etc but by thorough fundamental analysis of the company's management and their expertise in bringing around the business. Pratik Gupta, the Coordinator of Beta concluded by saying, "The level of participation which one saw in Exchequer this year coupled with the high profile judges we have makes Exchequer 2011 a fitting tribute to the Golden Jubilee celebrations of IIM Ahmedabad.


This is a unique platform bought about by Beta members, testing participants on all possible verticals of Finance, and to see the best Finance Teams from the Nation's best B-Schools compete in IIM Ahmedabad is truly a great experience."