IIM Bangalore inducts 100 Women Candidates for the first time ever

 | July 03,2012 12:40 pm IST

Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Bangalore admitted 100 women candidates in its PGP batch of 2012-14. It is for the first time ever in the history of this 40 year old b-school that these many number of women candidates have registered.


While the batch size at IIM B is 377 strong, the total number of women candidate counts to just 26% of the batch strength. It is a result of IIMBs three year old agenda of enrolling more women candidates.


Large number of engineering students and skewed gender ratio has been a part of premier b-schools batch profile over the years. However, there has been a deliberate effort by b-schools to ensure diversity in the batch.


At IIM Bangalore, batch diversity in terms of educational background and gender ratio is slowly being implemented. The percentage of engineers in the batch has also dropped from 93.06% in 2010 to 88.86% in 2012.


The b-school had put in extra efforts to bring in diversity in the batch profile. Sources reveal that, cut-offs have been same for women aspirants. But special care was taken during the interviews.


Given the nature of Common Admission Test, engineers are the ones who score well in the exam, thus resulting in skewed batch profiles. Despite the efforts being put in by IIMB, the newly inducted batch has just 42 non-engineers 27 are from commerce background, of which 10 are chartered accountants. One student is from Arts background, while 11 from Science. Two girls have a management background. Out of the 100 women admitted, 82 are from an engineering background.