IIM I begins bidding for PGP2 subjects

 | May 14,2012 10:06 am IST

Continuing the legacy it established last year, Indian Institute of Management, Indore (IIM-I) began its bidding process for the subjects of PGP2 participants, which allows the students to bid for courses of your choice through an online bidding software, OUTCR-I. The bidding goes on for about ten days consisting of three rounds and the final results are displayed on the portal.

Till two years ago, the courses were allotted to the participants based on their CGPA of the first year.


The bidding process provides the students with an equal opportunity to bid for any subject irrespective of their performance in first year. This also ensures the students dont confine themselves to studies in the first year and look for a holistic development during their whole course.

The software effectively provides 1000 points to each of the participants to bid for a number of courses. A credit limit is specified so that each participant has to wisely utilize his/her points while at the same time satisfying the credit load for the term, said Rohit Phulsunge who installed the bidding software for the conduction of the mock bid at the campus.

The institute has already conducted 2 mock bids for the participants to make them aware of the functionalities of the bidding software and to get a fair idea of how the bidding is done.

Vivek Gupta, IIM Indore academic committee secretary informs that the participants have to bid sensibly as the electives which they will be getting will be based on their bid amount in comparison with that of the batch.