IIM Indore Celebrates Sri Krishna Janmashtami with 'Dahi Handi Phod' and other exciting events

 | August 14,2012 12:11 pm IST

The commemoration of Lord Krishna and his holy birthday was celebrated in extravagant style on the occasion of Janmashtmi, the celebrations spanning two days, 9th and 10th of August. The grand celebration event was held at the Radhakrishna Temple housed within the campus.

Built 98 years ago by Sow Lakshmibai Thambe during the reign of Raja Yashwant Rao Holkar, the temple facilitated as a befitting venue. The resident priests at the temple and some of the faculty members graciously stepped in to assist the students with the organizational activities, while adhering to traditions and conventions.

Spread over two days, day one saw twelve teams rally their creative abilities to battle it out in a rangoli competition. Intricate designs of Lord Krishna, Radha, flutes, peacocks and the matkis of butter synonymous with Lord Krishna, judiciously adorned by striking hues of powdered color, had the audience in awe and the judges in a fix. Though the event was dominated by the fairer sex, one team that caught everyone by surprise was an all-boys team, which went on to win the third prize.

Day two saw the entire campus come together to usher in the birthday of Lord Krishna. Bright lights, colorful streamers and strategically placed traditional pots, conjured a vibrant atmosphere. Bhajans rendered to perfection by the bhajan mandli added to the spirituality of the occasion. Competitions catering to all age groups, like a fancy dress contest for kids, and sling shot, balancing a matki and blind folded matki phod for the participants and faculty members, kept the spirits high. At the stroke of midnight, the entire congregation assembled at the main temple premises to render an enchanting bhajan for the aarti, which was followed by darshan and distribution of prasad. The event was brought to an exhilarating climax by the traditional dahi handi phod in which the boys of the PGP 1 batch formed a human pyramid to crack a pot full of curd placed at a considerable height. The successful organization of this event reinstated the importance that is given at IIM Indore to traditions and culture.