IIM Indore hosts marketing events at Ahvan

 | October 19,2012 05:44 pm IST

Ahvan, the socio management fest of IIM Indore boasts of a kaleidoscope of events catering to all aspects of management education, of which three are exclusively based on marketing and its related concepts, namely, MyCampaign, AdApt and Gordian Knot. Each of the three events addresses a different dimension of the marketing domain.

With just over two weeks to go for Ahvan 2012, these three events have gotten off to a great start, with the first round seeing the number of participants skyrocket in comparison to the previous years.

MyCampaign, with its tagline of My vision, My voice, stands out in that it adds a social connotation to the otherwise business driven world of marketing in IIM Indore. It provides a platform for the best minds of the country to compete in formulating an exhaustive, complete and self-sustainable winning social campaign. The five teams that have been shortlisted after Round 1, will now have to execute and give form to their campaigns, guided by the events unique mentorship program, which allocates an eminent personality as a mentor to each team. This year the mentors are Mrs. Abhilasha Mimani, Mr. Udesh Dassani, Mr. Abhishek Nandedkar, Mr. Shankey Anil Bansal, and Mr. Abhiram Jayant Bhise, all of whom have done commendable work aimed at social betterment, either through personal initiatives or as part of NGOs.

AdApt is a one of its kind integrated marketing communications event, that urges participants to push the limits of their creativity while being the perfect litmus test of their advertising aptitude. Conducted in three phases, the first round saw the clash of around 300 teams from over 20 B-schools in coming up with witty print ads for four given products. The 36 shortlisted teams will now have to conceptualize and implement an IMC under the hypothesis that a biscuit brand is to be launched by Nestle.

Gordian Knot is a sales and marketing event like none other, owing to the fact that it is the only event that puts to test every concept and skill that an ideal marketing manager is expected to possess. From basic analytical aptitude to branding, advertising and pricing, Gordian Knot has it all. The first round of the event was a whopping success, wherein 598 teams registered and 1739 players participated in an online quiz. The 80 shortlisted teams will now compete in the two compelling rounds to follow, which will test their ability to ideate, create brands, make decisions and sell wares on the streets of Indore.

The prize money of a minimum of INR 45000 per event and the tremendous response that these events have received this year vouch for the fact that marketing at Ahvan has grown from strength to strength and has now become a force to reckon with.