IIM Indore initiates social change with Pragati - Giving back to society

 | July 24,2012 11:24 am IST

The world is moved along, not only by the mighty shoves of its heroes, but also by the aggregate of tiny pushes of each honest worker a statement made by Helen Keller and an ingrained belief of all the participants of IIM Indore. The importance of being socially sensitive and active is well recognised and implemented at IIM Indore.

Based on these lines, Pragati was incepted in 2009 by the 2008 batch of the institute under the guidance of faculty members and the Director. The IIM Indore community saw an opportunity to use the IIM platform to initiate social changes and awareness and Pragati was started as a completely student-run body that would work for the social and economic development of the region.

Funded by the Institute, the students and the alumni, Pragati is an open platform can freely volunteer and contribute to the various activities that are on-going. During its existence of over 3 years, Pragati has tried to create meaningful changes in the social fabric of Indore through its activities such as Book Donation Drives, Career Counselling, Medical check-ups, Blood Donation Drives, Tree Plantations and celebration of Childrens Day etc. in Government/EGS schools.

As of 2012, Pragati has successfully conducted various events for the benefit of the community. One of these activities was the celebration of Independence Day, Republic Day and Childrens Day for the children of the EGS School. The team organized drawing and dance competitions, cartoon movie screenings and also distributed snacks and stationery during the event. Such events brought the creativity of the children to the fore along with some entertainment.

As part of the Career Counselling Program, the team organized the event for a nearby Government school for the benefit of the 10th standard participants. A general aptitude test was conducted and profiles were created for each student based on which guidance about the career options available to them was provided. In addition to these activities, clothes and books were collected from the students of IIM Indore and distributed to orphanages, housekeeping staff of the institute and other management institutes in Indore.

Pragati has gone a long way in the last few years in increasing students awareness of various issues in the community for which they can lend a helping hand. For the coming year, the Pragati team has a host of new activities lined up financially backed by a budget of Rs. 65,000.

From planting trees to conducting a Financial Literacy program, Pragati tries to touch all lives in a meaningful way. As explained by Himadri Basumatry, member of Pragati Pragati is our sincere effort towards touching lives, understanding them and changing them, with a myriad of socially responsible initiatives and activities, and with a special focus on the not-so-privileged . At Pragati, we work on ideas that can make a positive change to the lives of the people around us