IIM Indore kicks first edition of 'NEETHISASTRA'

 | October 06,2012 04:48 pm IST

India is growing and there are plentiful opportunities for us to grow with it. Small and medium scale industries are showcasing their competitiveness by producing quality products and services, in some cases giving their larger counterparts sleepless nights.

This part of the industry houses 30 million industries and is expected to grow at 8% per year. To sustain this growth that proper expertise is required that reaches these small firms so that they can perform their activities in a highly professional manner. Keeping this view in mind, IIM Indore Ahvan12 has this year introduced an exclusive new event - NEETHISASTRA. The event focuses on the requirement of consulting for these industries. Till now the events have focused only on solving cases and providing recommendations for the problems that generally are seen within large organizations which are highly structured and work within a framework. This is where the point of difference in the structure of Neethisastra comes into picture.


The event has 2 exciting phases. The first phase will require the participating teams to solve the given cases within a short span of 16 hours with bonus points being awarded for speed with which you can solve the case. Selected teams will then move on to the second round where a live SME will be allotted to each team. The teams are required to visit the industry, understand the functioning and problems and provide solutions the next day to the panel of judges which could include the CEO of the allotted firm.

It is one of a kind of unique event that cant be found in any major B-school event. It allows participants not only put their analytical and solving capabilities to the test, but also challenges their mental agility, which is the USP of this exclusive event. It will at the same time also allow one to understand the nitty-gritties of SME sector, which has tremendous growth potential. One cant discount the handsome prize money of Rs 40,000 for the winning team. Step out of your comfort zone and become one with Neethisastra!