IIM Lucknow & Kelley School of Business, USA to jointly offer a Certificate Programme in Business Analytics for Executives

 | October 27,2012 11:39 am IST

A one year certificate programme in business analytics for executives (CPBAE) will be launched shortly by IIM Lucknow. This joint certification programme by Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow and Kelley School of Business, USA will impart cutting edge analytics knowledge using unique blend of online and inclass education.

The certificate programme will combine business strategy, business analytical tolls and applications of analytics in selected business areas, namely finance, marketing and operations. The purpose of this programme is to develop skills and a mindset for participants that will allow them to identify and seize business opportunities using business analytics tools.

The programme will have both in-residence and online learning channels so that participants need not take long breaks from their work but at the same time get benefits of a continuous learning environment. The programme will be jointly taught by faculty from IIM Lucknow and Kelley School of Business, USA and on-campus modules will be conducted from IIM Lucknows Lucknow/Noida campus.
Another unique feature of the programme is training on enterprise miner by SAS Institute (India) Private Limited. The programme consisting of 240 hours is divided in four modules, each module of nine to ten weeks duration. Each module would have 5 days of mandatory on campus residency requirement and rest will be delivered over Internet via ANGEL course management system. Online classes will be held for two hours twice per week on Fridays and Saturdays.

Upon the successful completion of the programme, candidates will be awarded a joint certificate from IIM, Lucknow and Kelley School of Business. A certificate of participation will also be awarded jointly by SAS and IIM Lucknow.
Dr. Devi Singh, Director, IIM Lucknow says, As the world gets globally connected, unification of professional education enriches the process of learning and reaches a greater potential. With globalization comes in the opportunities that have been created in various domains of learning. Research cannot be confined to geographies. This programme is a step towards innovating new measures of teaching and learning, by joining hands with one of USs leading B School. This programme would also help in widening the horizon of innovative professional education of the international platform.

Details of the programme will be available on IIM Lucknows website .