IIM Lucknow all set to host Varchasva'12 - Annual cultural & sports festival

 | October 04,2012 05:17 pm IST

Varchasva is IIM Lucknow's three day annual sports and cultural extravaganza which is held in the last week of September every year. One of the biggest B school festivals in India, Varchasva 2011 reached out to over 80 colleges across India, and witnessed more than 2000 participants, and had 33 partners.

The three day marathon event included more than 35 events, with a footfall of over 8000 over the three days.

Varchasva 2012 envisions more than 150 participating colleges, a footfall of 12000 over the three days, more than a 100 events, and over 4000 participants.

Building on the rich past of the festival, Varchasva 2012 promises to be even bigger and better. Apart from the flagship events, such as literary gladiators, bandwagon, quizzing, debate, art-a-thon, fashion parade, vocals, theatre, dance, interactive and creative workshops, this year introduces a lot more events. This time around, debating will be taken to a whole different level at Varchasva. The TIMES AMS Debate 2012 will see the most cogent orators from across the country fight it out online as well as live. Varchasva Quiz 2012 is proud to present its Quizmaster, Mr. Arul Mani, one of the most reputed quizmasters in the country.


We also present to you Stairway to Hell the Annual Rock Music Festival of IIM Lucknow at Varchasva 2012. This year the competition will also be followed by a late night acoustic jam session called Hell Unplugged. Among the dance events, we also have Inferno, the street dance performances. This time, with our flagship street play event Halla Bol we are taking you to villages of India to participate in a competitive event of street plays where they actually belong to. We bring to you an opportunity to perform right in the heart of such a community.

Varchasva 2012 is proud to showcase the brilliant artist B Kaushik, who will narrate stories through sand animation, live at IIM L campus. We also bring to you a performance by an outstanding exponent of the Santoor, Pt. Abhay Rustum Sopori is a house-hold name in the classical music circles of India. We also bring to you Ultimate Frisbee: a new event this year, along with our exciting workshops on photography and dance. We have also conceptualized games this year involving the use of strategy such as Bid Bang, and Texas Hold em among others.

With the plethora of activities lined up at Varchasva 2012, we can safely say that this October, the IIM Lucknow campus will be the place to be.