IIM Lucknow confers Diploma to 517 students

 | March 19,2012 11:50 am IST

The convocation of Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow saw 517 students being awarded their diplomas by Dr. Devi Singh, Director IIM Lucknow and Padma Vibhushan Dr C Ranagarajan, Chairman, Prime Ministers Economic Advisory Council, Government of India who was the Chief Guest on the occasion and delivered the Convocation Address.


364 students from the 26th batch of Post Graduate Programme in Management, 21 students from the 7th batch of Post Graduate Programme in Agri-business Management, 7 students from the Doctoral programme along with 58 students from Post Graduate Programme in Management for Working Executives (WMP) and 67 students from International Programme in Management for Executives (IPMX) batches, from the Noida campus received the diplomas. And as graduates, they are about to swell the ranks of about 4500+ IIML alumni, whose continuing support helps build the Institute's ongoing reputation and community support. 

From the 26th batch of Post Graduate Programme in Management Mr. Sumeet Salhotra was awarded with the Chairmans Gold Medal, while Mr. Preetham N. received the Directors medal. The other awards included PGP Chairmans Medal which was received by Mr. Nihit Jain, Reshma Sareen Memorial Medal for Best Girl Student was received by Ms. Kritika Tandon, Budhiraja Medal for Best All Rounder went to Mr. Kunal Jagdish Ahuja and Bizkool Medal for the Best Student in Information Technology was awarded to Mr. Sai Chand Chintala. 

From the post graduate programme in management for working executives, the following were the award winners:

Chairmans Gold Medal Mr. Rangarajan R.

Directors Medal Mr. Ankesh Desai 

From the International Programme in Management for Executives (IPMX), the following were the award winners: 

Chairmans Gold Medal Mr. Pankaj Chandna

Directors Medal Mr. Satyajit Senapati 

Speaking on the occasion Dr. Devi Singh, Director IIM Lucknow, urged the graduating students to set out with a vision of what they want to create, what they want to achieve how they wished to lead their life He said life cannot be measured, it can only be valued and what can be measured can be managed, thus lead not manage. He added that post this moment the graduating students would be tested on their vision, their determination to stand by it and the difference they make in the society they live in. 

The chief guest Dr. Rangarajan in his convocation address on behalf of the country welcomed the graduating students as the next generation of leaders and managers. He said that in a way the future of the country is intertwined with the graduating students and they have the opportunity to shape it. He also provided the audience with Prospects for the Indian Economy, highlighting the beginning of reform process, trends in growth, potential growth, macro economic concerns, sectoral constraints and need for high growth. 

During the academic year 2011-12, the institute witnessed an all-round growth and in continuance with its march ahead, undertook some significant initiatives, which are listed below: