Impossible Dream Coming True @ NITIE, Mumbai

 | December 14,2010 12:29 pm IST

NITIE - National Institute of Industrial Engineering. I can say it aloud, with full force, as now I am a part of it.

It's my college, I belong to it. It's not a dream come true, because I had never even thought of getting into it. It's more than a dream, a kind of once-in-a-lifetime opportunity which you get when God bestows his blessings on you. This was the feeling I experienced when I saw my name in the final list of selected students. Since then I have been waiting for the D-Day.


After entering into the portals of NITIE, I was feeling like a star, if not a super-star (though we have a film city nearby). It was a whole mix of feelings spanning from nervousness, nostalgia, excitement, homesickness, adventure, and what else to say. NITIE is something beyond expectation. I have changed my intial thoughts that at B-schools student slog and study; you can be called by a Professor even at night to submit a case study or for a presentation. But what I found is totally different. We are given the full freedom here to use it in any way we want.


At NITIE, it is a great learning experience which is providing us with an opportunity for a 360-Degree development.


As a snacking and hang-out point, we have this Nescafe Point, which closes only after after I sleep (see the attention and care even that person feels for us). I remember the initial days in which we were asked to be in formals even for the informal introduction among ourselves, that gave me the feeling of becoming a manager. The experience at NITIE has been very nice so far, as it's the first time I am living away from my home. Though I have had many night-outs during engineering with my friends in hostel, but the best part was that there was no restriction on when to sleep and when to get up (if you are continuously falling short of sleep, don't worry, you can fulfil your lost hours in class by sitting at the last bench). Friends here have always been a source of help and support. We are a close-knit network of friends living together as a family.


The concept of teamwork, which is very much essential in the corporate world, is starting to imbibe in us through all the group activities like projects and presentations. We are also understanding the concept of deadlines and how best can we perform to meet them. In fact, here we are taught not only to meet our deadlines, but to beat them. At NITIE, we seek to supplement our theoretical knowledge with practical inputs. Through the Alumni Meet, NITIE has achieved two things - one is getting back the alumni to contribute to their alma mater, and the second being recognising and commending the work done by the alumnus in their respective fields.


The days here so far have been really enjoyable and I will always remember them. These are the days when I am following the principle of 'Work Hard & Party Harder'. We are having a blast, while at the same time, doing everything the course demands of us. Most of the time, I am too tired to open my eyes to see what I am writing, but that is how life has been since the last few days. Life underwent - what we call in MBA jargon - a paradigm change when I stepped out of the gates of my home. But still life is not as tough as my friends always whined about. It was the lull before the storm, a storm of presentations, projects, assignments, quizzes; the list goes on and on.


I can foresee exciting times ahead, every second of which will be a great learning experience blended with fun and frolic. I can't conclude because I realise that my journey at NITIE has just begun...