In conversation with A.R. Vijaya Chandran, Ast. Prof. Christ University Institute of Management

 | March 19,2012 10:27 am IST

Tell us something about your academic background and career?
I am a Law graduate and an MBA from Madurai University. My passion about MBA helped me earn a dual degree in MBA.

After which I worked in the Industry for a short span of time, I did not opt for industry experience rather I joined a management for 5 years, where I was HoD for HR. Later, I came to Bangalore and joined as the Head of MBA department KSGI and finally I am at Christ University since June 11. I have also done my PG diploma Foreign Management Accounting, PGDBMS in System and pursuing PHD in industrial relation.


As a faculty of Economics and Law, what is the key take away for students?
Economics and Law both are required to understand the basics of any business. Economics is the basis of Finance and as we all know that Finance is a critical factor in any enterprise. Hence both act as fundamental building blocks of a business and career.

What does CUIM look for in a candidate?
I think CUIM has a very good policy which can be seen as the students are required to do OST(Organisation Structure Training) in HR Department before joining the college, this helps them understand how the business works and what are the practical aspects of it.

Therefore, once they join college their theory concepts helps them to relate it to practical life, CUIM also conduct an OBT(Out Bound Training) for students where they make people work in a group at an adventurous place away from college. This makes them physically and mentally strong. The b-school provide good corporate exposure and bring many industry people for corporate interface sessions, hence has a very innovative policy.

Do you think that work experience is required before going for an MBA?
No, I do not think that work experience is really required, though any kind of practical experience helps an individual to understand the practicality of the organisational functions.


What are the factors students must consider for GD and PI?
GD and PI are the ways to check the student's awareness towards himself and towards the current happenings in the world. So for GD you can study recent topics in fields of Economics, Politics, International Issues. Knowledge is must for any GD.
Personal Interviews checks the fearlessness, personality, knowledge and awareness towards different situations and hence a student should always be confident and realistic in his approach.


How do you think CUIM differentiate from other B-Schools?
CUIM has a trimester system, activities, Corporate interfaces which connects them with industrial people and have good foreign links, helps students with SIP(Internship), has OST and OBT programs.


How do you think is the placement support in CUIM?
As for any B school, placements are very important and that their college has a good placement report. CUIM provides placements for Marketing, Finance, Human resource and Operations. Hence giving students the opportunity to get into their dream companies. College faces 40-60 companies on an average per year.

What kind of job profiles are offered to students by CUIM through placement support?
Job profiles are good, it varies from Assistant Manager, Manager, Executive level cadre to Business Analyst with good pay packages.


Any message for students?
Students should have clear objective of their career, vast knowledge and good marks, both are essential for better career opportunities.

Struggle hard in life as getting any college or job is not the only goal, but the goal is to be efficient and effective, holistically.