In conversation with Dr. Gurumurthy Kalyanaram, Dean, Amrita School of Business

 | July 11,2011 06:43 pm IST

Located in the picturesque village of Vallikavu, across the beautiful backwaters of Kerala, Amrita School of Business is imbibing managerial education within its students, employing competent faculty and infrastructure. Dr.

Gurumurthy Kalyanaram (GK), Dean, Amrita School of Business talks to on what ASB look for in a candidate, its programmes and much more.

What has been the guiding principle at ASB, which distinguishes it from other B-schools of the country?
Amrita School of Business is a member of the prestigious business professional accreditation body, The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), situated in United States of America, and we are in the process of the accreditation. This distinction is held by a very select group of Indian Business Schools. We offer a unique joint-degree program (MS from the prestigious State University of New York at Buffalo, and MBA from Amrita Business School).


What does ASB look for in a candidate?
We are looking for indicators and measures that suggest: an innate brightness, a sense of curiosity, an ability to engage and empathize with society, and an energetic, entrepreneurial and purposeful perspective. We are constantly looking for diversity in gender, educational credentials, work experience, geography, languages and more.


Standardized tests such as Common Admissions Test and GMAT, personal interview, group discussions, written application form, and the manner of presentation and demeanor are some of the measures we employ to discover the underlying competence and ability of a potential applicant.

What is the admission procedure at your B-School?
All candidates seeking admission to Amrita's MBA Program are required to produce one of the standardized test scores: Common Admission Test (CAT) conducted by the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) and/or GRE and/or GMAT. NRI and students of foreign origin are required to take the GMAT test.


What important factors do you consider during admission?
We are looking for bright, curious, engaged, energetic, entrepreneurial and purposeful students with diverse professional and personal backgrounds. We assess each applicant carefully, and thoughtfully.


How much important a factor is work experience?
Work experience is important but it is not mandatory for getting into ABS. We are looking for an understanding of the work environment and acceptable level of industry knowledge. We are also looking for a robust appreciation of macro- and micro- social, economic, political and regulatory issues.



Do you prefer candidates having engineering background over others? What was the student profile during last two years?
We do not emphasize any particular educational credential. We in fact look for bright, innovative and authentic individuals to be part of our learning experience. We look for diversity in terms of education, work experience, gender, geography, linguistics and more. At this point, about 35 percent of our students are women.


What components have been added to MBA and EMBA programmes at your b-school to ensure that it acts as a value addition to the students?
Our MBA program and our joint MS-MBA degree program with State University of New York at Buffalo because they are responsive to market-place of ideas and commerce.

Are the courses recognized by AICTE or AIU?


How do you engage students in research work?
The students work with the faculty in their research project. The students produce research reports for industry and work with non-profit and non-government organizations in their research needs.

What kind of placement records are you generating each year?
The graduates have been placed in high-quality, diverse and professional opportunities including but not limited to those at Castrol, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Deloitte Consulting (New York), Future Group, Payoda (high-tech start-up), ICICI Prudential (Asset Management Company), Proctor and Gamble Division (Muscat), and UAE Exchange (Abu Dhabi) among others.


The highest salary for the graduating class was over Rs 11 lakhs, and the average was over 6.0 lakhs per annum.







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