ISB announces scholarships to increase student diversity

 | September 05,2012 04:04 pm IST

The Indian School of Business (ISB) announced Diversity Scholarships of totaling INR 2.5 crores for students of its incoming PGP Class.

The Diversity Scholarships at ISB are a part of the schools total scholarship outlay of about 8 crores, comprising of both merit based and need based scholarships, and will be awarded to talented professionals from a broad spectrum of sectors and functions, namely:

Social Sector







The ISB awards scholarships to students selected on the basis of exceptional academic and professional performance as well as personal qualities such as leadership, integrity, and community service.

Encouraging diversity in the classroom
The ISB was the business school first in India to introduce the notion of student diversity in the classroom more than a decade ago, as it believes that student diversity enhances learning and truly develops leadership potential. Over the years, the school has been successful in attracting students from a variety of backgrounds such as chartered accountants, lawyers, bankers, consultants, doctors, merchant navy officers, officers from the armed forces, entrepreneurs, etc., with experience ranging from 2 years to 18 years. Such students bring with them a wealth of knowledge and perspective through their rich professional experience leading to an extremely vibrant class environment that is highly conducive to learning. The present Class of 2013 represents one such diverse group of 767 students across the Hyderabad and Mohali campuses.