Jaipuria Institute of Management Indore's E Spark Club to impart education to village children

 | April 09,2012 11:12 am IST

The E Spark Club of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore had always been active to keep alive the spirit of Entrepreneurship amongst its students through a series of activities including guest lectures from successful entrepreneurs, organising different learning workshops, supporting campus entrepreneurs and say what not.

But this time they emerged out with something which counts invaluable not only for the students of Jaipuria, Indore but also for the little kids of Dakachya, who must be more than 100 in numbers and share none less than the dream of educated and self reliant India in their sparkling eyes.

Touched with the love and hopes of villagers of Dakachya, the students at Jaipuria, Indore learned very well that its not only the responsibility of everyone but is a self-responsibility too that actually drive any mission to its success. Thus they named their mission towards their village as Dayitva @ Dakachya, Dayitva I am Responsible aims towards bringing the change by being a part of the change and consists of activities which these management students shall contribute for betterment of living of their villagers.


Launching successfully the first project Ugam The Evening School under Dayitva, students felt a lot much excited when it came to their turn to teach the young kids of Dakachya. Since fun is an integral and compulsory part of the initiative made by students, they decided to bring forth the learning through activities and games. The student representative Juhi Sharma said, We shall be focussing upon basic spoken English, confidence building and personality development and primary computer education in the initial phase of our school, as it is more important for us to build the children strong mentally than giving them just theoretical training.

The first session of the school when conducted in the premises of the institute Jaipuria Institute of Management Indore, really charged up our management students to put their best every time so as to multiply the happiness as well as enthusiastic learning expectations of these small kids with each passing day. One of the students Pratham Inani said, We are really happy that we got a chance to teach these kids of Dakachaya as they are making us relive our childhood. Even the kids are happy to see us teaching them and the response they give actually made us more responsible and is persistently encouraging us to go one extra step to contribute our best in their learning endeavours. The best part is that we are teaching them through activities which go far beyond the scope of bookish theoretical teachings.

The formal orientation of the school was done before the presence of Mr. Ramesh Patel Honourable Sarpanch, Dakachaya Village. Mr. Patel as well expressed his views by saying that, its a very good initiative taken by the institute to make the children as well as the adults aware of the current updates of the country as well as the globe. There are many institutes around this village but its a commendable thing that Jaipuria Indore has taken the initiative to make not only the students but also the women self-dependent so that they have their own businesses and better quality of life, he continued.

The entire project had witnessed a formal launch in the Inaugural session of NEN Indore Faculty Chapter held at Jaipura, Indore where in the faculty from across the city had widely praised the students initiative and congratulated them for putting in real efforts of giving their time and energy for the villagers, which is the need of the hour for improving the condition of Rural India.
The entire project is very well supported and guided by National Entrepreneurship Network, and our faculty members Prof. Megha Jain, Prof. Priti Bakhshi and Prof. Kanak Gupta, sharing this the President of the E-Cell and NEN E-Leader Prasad Shejwalkar added, The parents of the kids of Dakachaya were as well really happy and had come to convey their regards and express their gratitude and faith towards the institute, which has added to the responsibility of ours he continued.

He also shared enthusiastically about their upcoming project, Pratibimb Women Self Employment Project for which already the training has started for females in village for papad making and the produce shall be linked with leading sellers from Indore.