JBIMS hosts Dr. Anish Shah, President and CEO, GE Capital India

 | November 14,2012 12:41 pm IST

On the 7th November, 2012 the students of Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies were addressed by Dr. Anish Shah, President and CEO, GE Capital India.

He holds a PhD. in Accounting and Corporate Finance from Carnegie Mellons Tepper School of Business and an MBA in Finance and Strategy from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. He spoke to the students on the three topics most relevant to any Business School student viz. The Business Environment Today, The Career Choices available to B-school students, and Charting a Successful Career. Dr Shah had a very interactive session explaining important lessons in life with simple examples and his personal experiences in the industry.


Speaking about the business environment, he explained to the students how conventional business cycles cease to exist today and that the environment is becoming more and more dynamic. Unlike the way things used to happen in the past, companies today are born and die within a span of a few years. A business needs to constantly adapt and innovate in order to survive in the current scenario. Also, Dr. Shah spoke about the growing trends of globalisation. One of the most important lessons left behind by him at JBIMS was about the importance of living your brand. He states that it is very important to value your core brand and drive towards sustainable growth. This is also very relevant when we look at ourselves as MBA students. Every individual needs to identify their core strengths and values to build upon them to grow as individuals and have a successful career.
While choosing a career, Dr. Anish Shah believes it is most important to follow your heart and drive your strengths to the top. One must deliver in every role one performs. He guided the students in defining a successful career. He stressed on the importance of deciding a final destination and making a journey towards that goal. One must love the work one is doing in order to be successful. Putting in a lot of efforts and seeking guidance from mentors all along are instrumental in reaching the goal. Dr. Shah stressed on the fact that Leaders in todays world are ones who can deal with ambiguity. Customers are important to every organisation and with the growing age of Information, it is all the more important to deal with the customers at a personal level. He cited the example of the airline industry in India and how successful players are those who have kept customer service as a top priority. Dr. Shah also spoke about the Internet and how its widespread reach leads to transfer of information at the speed of light and how it is a very important tool in the modern business scenario.
Finally he left the students with some key take-aways that we could keep with us for the rest of our lives.
         Create our legacy in every role we perform.
         Continuously work on our communication skills.
         Always be confident.
         Be open to criticism.
The students at JBIMS were really privileged to have had such an interaction with Dr. Anish Shah. They have greatly benefitted from his insights and experiences and look forward to many such interactions in the future.