Joy of Giving Week celebrated by Nirmaan at BITS Pilani

 | October 27,2012 11:07 am IST

Nirmaan Organization, a voluntary youth initiative of BITS Pilani students with the objective of upliftment of the poor, celebrated the Joy of Giving Week on 11-17 October 2012. It was a week of fun filled activities which both the BITSians and the poor children from the neighboring villages enjoyed in toto.


On one of the days, the children were taken round the campus and they were shown the various facilities besides having their full days food in the students mess. Children were taught the rudiments of dance moves besides trying their hands on musical instruments. BITSians held entertainment programs and screening of the film, Kung Fu Panda. On another day, BITSians taught the children the basics of hockey game and the Institutes Yoga teacher introduced the yogic exercises to the children. There was a Cycle of Joy program wherein the BITSians lent their bicycles to the children who had a jolly ride. On another day, the kids of Harinagar interacted with the children of Natbasthi, which served as a learning exercise for both groups.
There were several games for children during the week including Dodge Ball, Blind Ball, Football, Drawing and Painting sessions. There was a quiz program Kaun Kahlayega Genius and the winning team was given prizes. During the week, Nirmaan volunteers accompanied by some faculty members visited the villages such as Khedla Ka Baas and Natbasthi and joined the villagers in their farming jobs.   Nirmaan put up a Wish Tree at Students Activities Center of the Institute which was decorated with the wishes of various target groups such as women, children and youth. Wishes ranged from simple to complex and they included teaching a poor child how to ride a bicycle, buying mats, chairs and furniture for a poor family, taking a woman to a beauty parlor etc among others. The Wish Tree drew a lot of interest and many visitors contributed to fulfill.