Marico CEO Saugata Gupta shares his 'key learnings' with VGSoM IIT Kharagpur students

 | March 13,2012 11:46 am IST

As students of Vinod Gupta School of Management eagerly wait, entered a person of enthusiasm, humility and expertise, Mr. Saugata Gupta, CEO, Marico.

Mr. Gupta was here at VGSOM to share his key learnings from life and business. The mid-noon session started off on a lighter note where Mr. Gupta said that the hunger of food can be compromised at times but the hunger for growth? Never!

Mr. Guptas shared few simple mantras for a happy work and life. The first one was making the right career choices. Choosing a career according to ones likes and excelling in the same is the key said Mr. Gupta.He said that it is important to havePassion, finding one and applying it in the career fuels growth. While choosing a career one should join a company whose cash drivers match with that of ones competencies.

The first few years at work, Mr. Gupta said must be carefully spent on learning; One has to constantly listen and tune his ears to happenings around in order to understand the business model of a company. As far as setting goals is concerned, he said that one needs to have goals that are out of reach but definitely not out of sight and we should be careful in not letting peer pressure de-rail our dreams. It is essential to develop multiple competencies and work through all business cycles ( the start-up phase, turn around phase, the sustaining phase and the re-engineering phases) to have a holistic experience.

A lecture in a management school stands incomplete without discussing a 2*2 matrix and a pyramid. Mr Gupta contrasted short term satisfaction with the long term satisfaction. One can either be surviving, stimulating, sacrificing or succeeding in life. He talked about Johari window of self-awareness too. The pyramid of a managers career progresses from managing business to managing self. Playing on ones key strengths rather than trying to hone the weakness can help one succeed in an unimaginable scale said Mr. Gupta. A winning manager in his opinion creates and communicates the goals and visions clearly, possesses excellent listening skills, is humble, flexible and open and builds trust at every point in time.

Answering the curious minds during the Q&A, Mr. Gupta answered questions about entrepreneurship where he talked about the business plans, start-up funds, when to breakeven, etc. He as well shared the challenges he faces as a CEO; Maricos venture into beauty and healthcare segment, Importance of mentoring, people management issues to mention a few.

An inspiring session thus concluded with a classic note from Mr.Gupta, The challenges are here to stay and it is important to be creative and to be at the right place at the right time.