MBA Teaches you Tricks of life: Insights by MDI NMP Student

 | August 07,2012 10:13 am IST

Ayush Garg, NMP student at MDI, Gurgaon shares his experience on being at one of the premier institutes of management. What it takes to be there? Toughest area to handle in studies etc.

Q. Were you able to get the school of your choice or did you compromise and opted for the best option that was open/available to you?
I applied to 3 schools, all of them in India and finally made it to MDI Executive MBA program. Each school has its own advantages and MDI definitely lived up to my expectation of being a top league B school. And the program costs less than half as much as compared to any other equivalent program.

Q. What is the toughest area to handle in your studies?
Group study is a new approach to learning for me. Although there is lot of learning during group work, it eats up a lot of time.

Q. Which one is your best subject?
Strategy is one of the most amazing subjects that I have got exposed to here. These are real situations where we think like CXOs and take decisions. Its the real test of the depth of understanding one has.

Q. Is there stress level during studies?

Stress levels are really high. It is an intensive one year program and it requires serious hard work to keep pace with the tough schedule. But MBA teaches you tricks of life, despite all the pressure and load you learn to steal time for a group chat at tea counters or a tennis/badminton/football/golf skirmish.

Q. Whats the best and most admirable feature of your institute?

I think the location of MDI is a definite plus and it is easier for students to attend various events in the NCR region. It also helps in getting numerous guest lecturers and last but not the least greater access to the recruiters.

Q. Scope of development in your existing curriculum.
The curriculum is updated from time to time to make it relevant to needs of the industry. A short internship stint during the program would have been awesome thing to have but then I think it is not practical for such an intense program. Anyways we do have a dissertation at the end of the program which covers up for lack of an internship.

Q. How would you rate the hostel facilities at your B-School? Do they provide accommodation for the family too (in case of married students)?
The hostel facilities are very good. Each participant of the Executive MBA program gets a separate fully furnished air conditioned room which are well maintained by housekeeping staff. As per the institute policy, family accommodation is not available.

Q. Tips for those who wish to do MBA from your school.
Everybody in the class has a minimum experience of 5 years and so it is expected that they contribute to the class and add to the class discussions. It is very important to have the right attitude and clear understanding of your expectations from the course.