MDI Gurgaon set to launch its marketing festival Illumina on 24th Oct and 10th Nov 2012

 | October 23,2012 05:09 pm IST

The word Illumina comes from the word Illuminate which means to throw light on something to make it brighter, clearer. Similarly, research is a process of getting a better idea about behaviour, society, processes or systems.

Illumina, currently in its 16th year, is the disguised marketing research festival of MDI, Gurgaon. Celebrated in three forms Rural, Expressions and Urban, the main aim of the festival is to gauge insights into consumers minds on behalf of the corporate fraternity.


Each year, different companies wishing to gain insights partner with the students to conduct market research. Whats different about Illumina is the disguise factor. Responses are collected from consumers without them realising that they are being a part of the research. One may ask how that happens...


Rural Illumina is the first facet of the festival, conducted in the famed Dussehra Mela at the village of Pataudi, Haryana. Amongst the fanfare and a variety of stalls and tents on the grounds, there is also one belonging to Illumina. Research is conducted in the guise of a khela or a small interactive skit for the village folk.


Expressions is the market research done on children for problems given by companies. The problem statements are specific to children and a fun game is formulated keeping in mind the research brief. This is done in MDI on the same day as Urban Illumina where children from schools across NCR are called to participate in different activities such as Extempore, Painting etc.

Urban Illumina is the grand event, held on the weekend preceding Diwali. Panning the whole day, the event begins with Expressions a series of competitions like painting, elocution etc. for children from schools across NCR.


Expressions forms the platform for the child market research, especially for companies competing or wanting to enter the kids segment.


The finale is the Diwali Mela held on MDI grounds in the evening. A true representation of Diwali, the Mela is a bonanza of lights, energy and colours. The visitors are welcomed by an overwhelming variety of options for shopping, eating and fun-fair games. Cultural performers like stilt walkers, puppet shows go around entertaining the crowd. And to cap the fun, a band performance enthrals the visitor at the end of it all. It is amidst this glorious display that MRs are conducted for companies. A footfall of over 7000 each year ensures that they get their choice of demographics and the required sample set.


Scheduled on 24thOctober and 10th November this year, operations are in full swing to match up to the legacy of 15 years and to make it bigger, better and brighter!