Mr. Manosh Mukherjee, COO & CFO, TBWA India presents guest lecture at VGSoM IIT Kharagpur

 | March 29,2012 10:27 am IST

A guest lecture may start on a business, economic, social or technological note but philosophical? Rare. Radical.

That was the underlying theme when Mr. Manosh Mukherjee, COO & CFO, TBWA, India presented a guest lecture at Vinod Gupta School of Management.

Speaking on TBWA, Mr. Manosh said their objective was one creating awareness of the brand and leveraging the power of the same. As a media arts company, TBWAs work is not limited to creating ads; its creating meaning. In his own words When you bring your brand idea alive in the right medium and to an audience tuned in and open to your story, then youre not doing advertising. You're creating meaning..

Such a radical task calls for a much more radical process the Disruption Roadmap. The disruption roadmap is a three stage process whereby a Convention, i.e. a broadly held belief is disrupted by a revolutionary idea to reach the Vision of the company faster. There is disruption at the core of everything they do. Its not merely to create ads, disruption is the tool for change and an agent for growth: a working methodology and a life view philosophy. Disruption is the art of asking better questions, challenging conventional wisdom and overturning assumptions, prejudices that get in the way of imagining new possibilities and visionary ideas.

Mr. Manosh demonstrated this disruption mechanism by discussing several media arts they have created for world famous giants. Starting with their most famous campaign, Apple, the disruption Think Different broke the long held convention Computers are machines for business, to help the vision Apple makes tools for creative minds reach faster. He described the entire process in meticulous details as to what went into the making of the path breaking ad. The next Adidas campaign extracted the wows from the students and faculty alike. How the sports shoe manufacturer internalised the larger than life- Impossible is Nothing tagline by playing soccer tethered to a billboard atop a 10 storey building in busy Tokyo. Next was the heart warming campaign TBWA undertook for Pedigree. Not just talking but proving their love for dogs by launching The Pedigree Adoption Drive in the United States. Every time one buys a Pedigree, they make a donation to help dogs find loving homes. The disruption idea Everything we do is for the love of dogs broke the convention Dog food selling business to a broader, better vision Dogs loving company. Mr. Manosh casted the spell further by showing the campaigns for Nissan and Tata Gold plus.

Mr. Manosh concluded the session by stressing the importance of embracing disruption, chaos and the need to break the rules. After an interactive Q&A session, students flocked Mr. Manosh to take pictures with them.