Mr. Subrata Dutta teaches Managing IT as a Business to VGSOM IIT Kharagpur students

 | August 19,2011 04:08 pm IST

The nitty-gritty’s of the world of a CIO were nicely spun together by a very eminent member of the fraternity itself, Mr. Subrata Dutta, CIO of SREI Infrastructure Finance Limited.

The session commenced with Mr. Dutta highlighting the stark differences between how IT was perceived ‘apart’ of the Business a few decades back and how it has become an inseparable ‘part’ of the Business in recent times.


It has indeed, come a long distance from being considered to be the baby of CIO/CTO to nowadays being in deep collaboration with the Business domain for maximum leverage. Furthermore, the intertwining of IT with Business has been from both sides. The technical team and the process teams now have to work in tandem (both report to the CIO) which implies that the domain expertise has become pertinent to technical teams and also process teams need to be well versed in technical lingo. Furthermore, he stressed that in a business entity, it is not necessary to add head count every time the work increases but to increase efficiency using IT systems.

Mr. Dutta also spoke about how a CIO creates his organization along the three pillars of ‘Plan’, ‘Build’ and ‘Run’. Moreover, he has to do SWOT analysis consistently and choose over between in-house production and outsourcing. He emphasized that an organization should leverage six sigma constantly and ought to treat every support function as a line function. As the session drew towards the end, he discussed an interesting Case study (Sungard) with the students. To sum it up, the session was very informative and a great learning experience for the students.