Ram Kumar of ICICI talks to IIM Indore batch of 2012-14 during induction program

 | July 10,2012 09:36 am IST

The Post Graduate Program Batch of 2012-2014 at IIM Indore received a warm reception from the institute through their induction program held over three days from July 4, 2012..

After the registration process of the new students, they were greeted by an address from Dr. N Ravichandran (Director IIM Indore). The faculty at the institute was also introduced to the students with a brief description about everyone.

The session was followed by a guest lecture from Mr. Ram Kumar, Executive Director, HR customer service, ICICI. Mr. Kumar started off with talking in general about B-school life and explaining to the students that they shouldnt consider the MBA degree as just a ticket for a good job but something you build your life with. He told them their CAT scores and grades wouldnt matter in the long run but their skills and personality would.

He further emphasized that hard work in these 2 years towards what you wanted to be 20 years from now, would go a long way in realizing your dream. Next he described the importance of never giving up in life, giving an instance from his past where he couldnt win a race. In the Q&A round, he enthusiastically cleared all doubts while adding that the students shouldnt limit themselves to a single sector and they should be truthful to their true potentials. The session was highly appreciated by the attendants. Participants were also introduced to the PGP chair Mr S.K. Ghosh who informed them about the rules in the institute and succeeded in garnering a good rapport with the students on the first day itself.

This was followed by a briefing on the various facilities available on campus including the library and IT services. The students were also informed about the security norms as well as the Govt of India directive on Prevention and prohibition of Ragging. The induction also included Mentor-participant interaction, an initiative taken by the institute whereby groups of students are assigned a faculty as their mentor for the two years at IIMI. The 3 day event was concluded on the evening of July 7, 2012 and dinner was organized at the central lawn.