Sand Art, Fashion Parade, Pro-Nite, Dance, Street Play is all that happened at IIM Lucknow Varchasva'12 Day 3

 | October 08,2012 04:44 pm IST

SAND ART: Artist - Kaushik Bose

It is said that sand captures our stories through footprints in time. And Kaushik Bose from Kolkata narrates these stories through his unique talent called Sand Animation.

Prompted by his mother to create something unique, he began using his fingertips to create beauty on sand. Known for his performances in corporate shows and social events, he blends culture with creativity by converting our rich mythological heritage to sand.

Mr. Kaushik Bose showcased his exquisite talent on the 2nd Day of Varchasva 2012, where he bought Ramayana to life through his brilliant art on the canvas of sand.

He first sprinkled a layer of sand on a transparent canvas and then proceeded to re-create intricate, seemingly three dimensional landscapes, symbols, figures, objects depicting the popular mythological stories. As soon as the first creation was finished, it was swept away or transformed to a totally different scenario. Temporary renderings were completed at a swift pace with precise and gentle hand strokes, much to the audiences rising amazement. The synchronized music added to the hypnotic effect of Mr. Kaushik Boses live sand art mastery and his incredible creations. 


Motherjane is an Indian rock band from Kochi, India, formed in 1996. The band defines itself as Ethnic Spirits, Global Rock!

The band consists of John Thomas (drums and percussion), Clyde Rozario (bass guitar), Deepu Sasidharan (guitar, backing vocals) Santhosh Chandran (guitar), and Suraj Mani (vocals, lyrics). They have released a total of two studio albums, and three singles. Since their formation, different styles like progressive rock and Carnatic music have influenced their music.

The band enthralled the audience with their rocking performance and had them crooning with them to the various popular numbers of the band.

The Fashion Parade was the most eagerly awaited event of the night. It featured teams from 7 colleges, competing in 2 rounds the first was generic and the second was theme based.

The participating colleges were: IMT Ghaziabad, NIFT Rae Bareli, Azad College of Engineering, Desh Bhagat College, J.D. Institute of Fashion Technology, LBSIM and IIM Lucknow

Some of the themes featured were mythological inspirations, the various seasons of nature, the festivals of India, the retro look of the 70s and the futuristic fashion of 2050.

The highlight of the show were the students from the Student Exchange (STEX) programme of IIM Lucknow, who walked the ramp in traditional Indian attire and vowed the crowds by their dance moves on some popular Bollywood numbers.

The winning team was NIFT Rae Bareli, while the runners up were IMT Ghaziabad.

DAY 3:


This was a special feature of Varchasva 2012.
It featured teams performing street plays about various social issues like AIDS awareness, cleanliness awareness and current problems in our villages.

The need for increasing awareness about such issues is felt strongly in the villages, and hence the performances were held in villages around Lucknow.

The villages visited by the teams were Narharpur, Chakrapur and Ratra. The villagers thoroughly enjoyed the performances and appreciated the zeal and enthusiasm of the students.

The judge for the event was Mr. Anil Rastogi, a renowned and esteemed personality in the field of Art and Theatre. Mr. Rastogi has excelled in two very diverse fields of science and arts. He is the former head of the biochemistry division of the Central Drug Research Institute and has also been performing on stage for over 50 years. He has played a crucial role in the popular TV series Udaan on Doordarshan. He has also acted in several movies like Yeh Woh Manzil To Nahi, Main Meri Patni Aur Woh and Ishaqzaade to name a few. At present he is heading one of the oldest theatre groups of our country Darpan.

The winning team was from IET, Lucknow.

It was an individual activity. A pre-prepared sequence was to be performed on stage. All forms of dance were allowed including Fusion themes. Evaluation criteria included costumes, music and choreography. Disqualification would happen if participants exceeded the maximum limit of 3 minutes. 27 participants included 9 from IIM Lucknow. The notable participants were NIFT Raebareli and IIM Indore. Deshbhagat Institute came first followed by Bora Institute of Management Sciences.


The event was based on cricket auctions and the teams were supposed to make bids for players.
Each team was given initial virtual money worth Rs. 25 crore.
The real excitement came in when players raised their placards to make a bid and a steady battle took along amongst teams to win the bid.
Each team was supposed to pay an initial amount of Rs. 200 and voluntarily additions beyond 200 were open.
Two event winners were to be decided and the prize money was the amount collected; the amount was divided among the two based on performance and contributions made.

Dare and Die The Adventure Arena:
It was a non-competitive event and included three adventure sports:
1) Flying fox (also called as Zip lining): flying fox is a small cable car, often propelled by gravity. Participants were supposed to slide over a rope using this mechanism.
2) Rappelling: Participants climbed down a wall using a rope
3) Big Glove Boxing: participants were boxing using big gloves (big gloves were used in order to avoid injury)

Participants from different colleges like IIM Ranchi, IET Lucknow, FMS, IMT GZB, MDI Gurgaon, IIT Kanpur enjoyed the event.

It was a competition testing the General Knowledge of the participants. The unique feature was point sharing between the teams depending on the number of correct answers given for a question. 6 teams participated (4 from IIM Lucknow and 2 from outside). A notable participant was IIM Kashipur. IIM Lucknow eventually secured all the 3 top positions.