SP Jain, Michigan State University join hands to open world class center of excellence

 | November 02,2011 10:46 am IST

SP Jain Institute of Management & Research to create a world class center of excellence in management, leadership and operations (supply chain) in collaboration with a top US university..

Michigan State University’s Broad College of Business and SP Jain Institute of Management and Research have announced their intention to closely collaborate on the establishment of a joint center for management, leadership and operations (supply chain) excellence within the SP Jain campus in Mumbai. This center will have three key elements:


  • A focus on developing a world class facility for the senior management development and research needs of companies and organizations in Maharashtra and Gujarat
  • A sustainable method to develop and grow Masters level student exchange to and from Mumbai and East Lansing, Michigan USA
  • A vehicle for faculty from both institutions to collaborate in research and grow centers of excellence in international business, family business, operations (supply chain) and Indian business commerce and industry as it operates at home and overseas

Both partners in this collaboration consider it very important to consult with management leaders as we develop the strategy for their center. They wish to ensure that what they create is important and vital for the strategic growth and future of Indian businesses.

During November they will be contacting top Indian organizations and businesses in the Mumbai area to find out precisely what their immediate needs will be in terms of senior management development and pertinent research.

As a result of the feedback received, the partners expect to launch a management development calendar for 2012 in January 2012, and also to embark upon joint faculty collaboration upon key research areas, which should be fully operational by March 2012.