SPJIMR Samvid: A novel paradigm of Student Management Journal

 | August 31,2012 10:54 am IST

Research and Publications committee of S P Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR), launched its first issue of a management journal initiative, SAMVID on July 5, 2012. The initiatives mission is to expand the body of management research performed at SPJIMR and publish the most relevant among them to promote and encourage a healthy discussion in the academia as well as in the business.


SAMVID provides the right platform to disseminate the most relevant and contemporary management thinking. The journal comprises of a mix of articles, research papers, and management cases, interviews of eminent industry leaders, books and movie reviews. Genesis of such an initiative under the aegis of the institutes ADMAP program is testimony to the fact that it successfully enables participants to own up the process of learning with the adoption of its unique pedagogical strategy of Learning by Doing.


SAMVIDs first issue has received appreciation from some of the prominent academicians across the globe, Jacob Tsao,( Professor of Industrial & Systems Engineering, San Jose State University) says, I browsed through this launch issue when I received a preprint but had a chance to peruse it in the leisure of this Sunday morning. I could not put it down and am sure that I will continue to marvel at it and ponder on the points made in it for a long time to come.

It is apparent that this launch issue is global in scope, generational in vision, timely in subjects, comprehensive in perspectives, and constructive in conclusions, not to mention clear in writing and artful in design. The attention to social responsibility and ethics is striking and admirable..........

Elias Hadzilias, (Senior Assistant Professor, ISEG School of Management, Lille Catholic University) says, Going through the articles of the Samvid Journal published by the students of SPJIMR, the reader acquires a clear picture of the high-quality education that is provided in the classrooms of this university. The contents of the Journal are attractive for the student community, ranging from articles and papers to book and movie reviews. The section 'Leaders Speak' serves as a guiding light through the sea of uncertainty and postmodernism, by presenting extracts from speeches given at SPJIMR.......