Students at SPJIMR gain insight into rural social sector

 | November 01,2012 12:08 pm IST

SPJIMR students visited the NGO Yusuf Meherally Centre in Raigarh, got enriched by the experiences of Mrs Radhike Khanna and Mr Anil Kamath, who work with specially abled children at the NGO 'Om Creations', and learned about blind photography through a workshop conducted by Mr Partho Bhowmick, all as a part of the event 'Experientia '12' by SPJIMRs unique project initiative, Development of Corporate Citizenship (DOCC). The event was conducted over a period of 2 days.

At the Yusuf Meherally Centre, located in Tara village, Raigad district, the students worked in groups on 6 themes - Cottage Industries, Education Sector, NGO's & Panchayati Raj, Rural Development, Health & Gender from a rural perspective, and Gandhian Economics. The students then studied the various areas under the Yusuf Meherally Centre - the Village Industries, School, Hospital, The Panchayat etc. depending on their themes. With the help of Mr. G.G. Parekh and Mr. Harish Shah, the students were able to gain a comprehensive understanding of the entire NGO premise and its functioning. They understood the technicalities of the various industries present there and came up with solutions for fine tuning their business processes. Under the guidance of the SPJIMR faculty team comprising of Prof. Nirja Mattoo, Prof. A.B. Kulkarni, Prof. Karmakar, Prof. Lata Dhir, Prof. R.K. Pattnaik, Prof. Sanjay Doctor and Prof. Jiban Mukhopadhay, the students shall be developing a detailed report on the streamlining of the business processes and their recommendations for Yusuf Meherally Centre.


The second day of Experientia '12 saw a book launch by Mrs. Radhike Khanna and Mr. Anil Kamath, who work at the NGO 'Om Creations'. They spoke about the relevance and importance of social entrepreneurship and also gave the students insights into the world of the specially abled through videos. The children from the NGO also did some live paintings for the SPJIMR batch. Mrs. Durga Jain motivated and inspired the entire batch through excerpts from her personal life.


This was followed by a blind photography workshop by Mr. Partho Bhowmick, where the students were exposed to the world of the visually challenged. Mr. Partho started the session by speaking about social entrepreneurship and the various avenues that are available for young managers. The students were blindfolded in order to demonstrate how the blind are able to click photographs by sensing temperature, sound and touch. They also had the opportunity to interact with people who had been working with Mr. Partho for many years and were expert blind photographers.