T-Nite Fever takes Hold of IIMA with Mess Nite

 | August 09,2010 10:47 am IST

The students at IIMA are now well into celebration mode as the momentum rises in T-Nite, the institute’s annual inter-section cultural contest. August 6 saw the PGP 1 students mount preparations for “Mess Nite” – the second leg of T-nite on a war footing.

The ride was to start at the student mess at 11:00 pm in the student mess. The mess nite promised 25 minutes of pure entertainment from each section where the section had to perform at the mess.


Brownie points were also awarded for the number of participants in each section. Impromptu songs were thrown in between by “The Cult” to add to the challenge. One new innovation tried out this year was the “Mock Rock” segment where each section had to perform like a rock band to a rock song playing in the background. A large and exceedingly enthusiastic crowd had gathered in the confines of the mess at the designated spot to witness the performance of the Fachchas. Alumni – affectionately christened “Super Tuchchas” were also present in large numbers.


T-Nite is a reason for everyone associated with the IIM A community – past and present to celebrate. First marched in the Section B(Section Bawaal) and the audience went into frenzy. The performances whipped up more energy from the audience – it became a contest between the performers and the audience as to who had more energy – and this was to follow for the whole event. The Super Tuchchas danced to popular tunes in between the performances and looked to have the time of their lives – reliving old and fond memories.



Section A (Section Aatank) followed B and left no stone unturned to live up to their name. Then came the newest section in IIMA – Section E( Section E’chadari). All eyes were on this new bunch as to whether they could live up to the WIMWI name and that they truly did. By the time their performance ended, the audience had passed a favourable verdict. The PGP-X “X-” trooped in next – and needless to say – proved that talent does not mellow with age and experience. They had the audience spellbound, cheering and clapping at different points of time. After a Pub Run where they were outscored by the other sections, they had bounced back with much élan. 


The Section D (Section Dangebaaz) came next – taking the audience by surprise with their “Yuva” entry and went on to rock the audience. The last performance of the day began with the “Cobras” of section C (Section Cobra) literally slithering in with their massive cobra prop. By no means were they intending to be the least of the performing sections even though they came in last. What began with a bang ended with a bang as the Cobras dazzled the audience with their show.


T-nite – now in its middle stages has picked up momentum with the Mess-Nite and the intensity is set to increase manifold in the coming days as the sections fight it out to carry forward the momentum they have gained at Mess Nite.