Talk on Indian Army by Colonel R K Srivastava at IIM Indore

 | November 16,2012 09:00 pm IST

Colonel R K Srivastava from the Indian Army gave an inspiring insight into the challenges posed by modern day warfare and the efforts being mitigated by our armed forces to mitigate such risks. Stressing upon the fact that were currently living in the 4th Generation of warfare, he brought home the point that he wars of tomorrow shall not be raised by nation states but by individuals/groups.

The importance of social media was also highlighted emphatically, as its efficacy has already been demonstrated in the Arab Spring of 2011.

Colonel Srivastava quoted stirring examples to IIM Indore students, from history to dictate the importance of military leadership in shaping the future of mankind. Closer to home, he gave an overview of the strengths of Indian army and the value system engrained in the hearts of soldiers. Saluting the martyrdom of our heroes, he revealed that our soldiers dont sit back and dodge enemy fire but fight from the front. However, life of an army officer was not all about action-they indulged in adventure sports, management lessons, humanitarian activities and much more. The perks associated with joining army more than outweighed the benefits of corporate life.

The session ended befittingly by an outline of the selection process and a lovely couplet: For an army officer, first comes the honor of his country, then comes the responsibility of the men he commands and finally comes his own self. A rousing standing ovation bore testimony to the impact the talk had on the audience, and would have gone a long way towards rekindling the spirit of patriotism in their hearts.