Teasing the Grey Matter- A diverse variety of workshops for IIM Indore students

 | March 13,2012 10:32 am IST

The students of IIM Indore now know the real value of Facebook and can estimate which of your neighbours are currently eating Maggi. After the valuation of the company, Facebook, in the Financial Modelling workshop and the detailed market research of Maggi consumers in India, amongst other topics, IIM Indore participants are now ready to face the corporate world.

On 26th of February 2012, all finance enthusiasts were trained in expert financial modelling by Pristine, the largest authorised training provider in Business Finance and Financial Modelling in Excel in India. Pristine also provides international certifications such as CFA, FRM and PRM and has worked with reputed banks such as Bank of America and JP Morgan to name a few and has provided training to other reputed business schools around the world.

The workshop was held by the founders of Pristine, Mr. Paramdeep Singh and Mr. Atul Kumar, who are both IIM Indore alumni and hence, were able to add that personal touch that made the workshop very memorable. The main focus of the workshop was to calculate the real value of several different companies such as Zynga and JustDial using various financial aspects. With the buzz going around regarding the upcoming Facebook IPO, it was a real treat for the students to get their hands dirty and calculate some financial figures of the IPO themselves. The entire workshop lasted for ten hours.

Two weeks later, it was the turn of the marketing maniacs of IIM Indore to expand their current knowledge on market research. The Marketing Research workshop was held by Prof. Prantosh Banerjee, who is a visiting faculty at IIM Indore and teaches the Advanced Marketing Research class for the PGP 2 students. The entire workshop spanned two days and went on for nine hours wherein students learnt about different data collection techniques and the proper design of each amongst other topics. Prof. Banerjee walked the students through a real-life case of how to estimate who are the Maggi consumers in India and how companies can use information similar to this when planning to launch a new product or service. Students were then tutored on how to use SPSS software, which is used for survey authoring, data mining and other statistical analysis techniques.

In further preparation for the summer internships, IIM Indore played host to Mr. Roy Eddington- Charles, who held the Internship to PPO seminar. Mr. Charles currently heads REC, an organisation that conducts training for senior executives, managers and future managers. As a senior consultant in recruitment and training for two years, Mr. Charles talked to the students about various topics such as factors that can lead to a PPO from summer internships, how freshers and work-experience candidates should approach their internships as well as the difference in needs in different functional internships. Additionally, the seniors of IIM Indore held Basic and Advanced Excel tutorials for the PGP1 students which further added to the skills repertoire of the students.

Overall, the last few months have allowed the participants of IIM Indore to not only gain knowledge in new areas and brush up on long-forgotten concepts but also to apply these concepts in real-world scenarios and gain practical expertise. These workshops and seminars are sure to make the IIM Indore students invaluable assets to future recruiters.