The IMT Dubai Feeling

 | March 26,2012 05:42 pm IST

As I sit at my office desk, just before my boss walks in, I drift into nostalgia. Thoughts of my days at IMT are bouncing back and forth in my head.

I remember when I walked into the campus of IMT; I felt that this was my window to opportunities, which could get me my dream job.

Even before the classes at IMT had started, I was nervous. This was due to the urban legends that we hear about business schools and the daunting tasks ahead of us. I could only imagine case studies, and assignments, and scoring a CGPA of 3 over 4.

After spending my 2 years there, I am now in a better position to praise the situation. Its a relief to have found out that not only is the work manageable, provided one does not crack under the stress. IMT is the perfect place for a training before you enter into the corporate world of a little bit of stress and a lot of FUN!!

My time here was enhanced by getting an opportunity to go for the exchange. The exchange program to Rennes, France gave me an experience which was very important to me. I shared my stair case with a Chinese, a Mexican and a Nigerian, and learning more about each others culture has been a very important experience.

The MBA work schedule can be very grilling, with lectures, group discussion, and work assignments and not to forget loads and loads of research. With IMT the best part is that you can learn as much as you want to. There is no dearth of assignments, you could do the prescribed amount and if you survive it the professors are kind enough to provide us with more.

Part of my method of maintaining some degree of sanity has been to go to the canteen during lunch. That is one place which is so vibrant and full of life. No matter how busy my schedule is there is always time for lunch at the canteen, with the hustle and bustle of all the students around and not to forget the TV playing around the corner. This was one place where we would switch off from class, and make some great friends.

The cultural team is great in organizing loads of events, from sports events to cultural events to freshers day and to our biggest event VAUDEVILE. Its always a good sign to see the enthusiasm the students have to participate in all these events. Generally, the sense I get it is of a very strong bond existing between the students.

I remember the day when Ms. Meghavi, the corporate relations manager had called me with regards to an interview with Chalhoub group. I was excited beyond belief. That was a company I was trying to get into, more like my dream company. After a lot of preservance I finally got a job with them in February 12th, 2012. My experience with them so far has been great. My team is very diverse in culture, but an exceptional team. I dont feel that I am only 2 months old here, I feel I belong here.

If it were not for IMT and the opportunities it gave me, today I might not have landed a job with this group. One of my best decisions in my life has been to do an MBA and it most certainly has paid off. At the end of the day, you can make the most of what any college has to offer to you. Its the thirst to learn that drives you to excel!!