Top 5 Finance Campuses in India

 | June 08,2012 09:56 am IST

Finance has always been and still is one of the most sought after career choice among b-school graduates. Given the plethora of opportunities and hefty pay packages offered by companies, majority of MBA graduates seek managerial profiles in financial institutions such as, banks, investment companies, securities firms, etc.


Though every B-school in India offers a specialization in Finance, only a few are known for offering best finance education and placements. Here is a list of Indian b-schools considered good for a specialization in finance:


1. Always on top of the list, IIM Ahmedabad is one of the most preferred destinations for any MBA aspirant. The b-school employs some of the best faculty in the area of finance including Prof Jayanth R Varma, Prof Sobhesh Kumar Agarwalla and Prof Sidharth Sinha among others.


Rated as Indias best and Asias finest b-schools, IIM A has set its league apart and continues to be ranked as one of the best MBA colleges in the world. The b-school was ranked 11 in Financial Times Global MBA Rankings 2012. This was the first time IIM A appeared in FT Rankings. 

2. IIM Bangalore has always been on the forefront of innovation and research. The b-school constantly lookout for collaborative opportunities with industry, as well as other academic institutions world over. Having some of the best finance faculties like Prof P C Narayan, Prof R Vaidyanathan and Prof R Narayanaswamy, IIM B enjoys the status of one of the best finance campuses in India.

3. IIM Calcutta, the oldest member in IIM family, is often termed as the finance campus of India. The b-school carries a matchless and distinctive identity among top Asian B-Schools. Its strong emphasis on combining academic rigor and relevance, and maintaining plurality and diversity in form, content and methodology sets a stone apart from other b-schools. Students learn the best of finance practices under the able guidance of faculties like Prof Binay Bhushan Chakrabarti, Prof Ashok Banerjee and others.


4. IIM Lucknow has adhered to its philosophy of creation of knowledge, influencing management practices and global integration, since its inception in 1984. The B-School has some of the best finance faculties including Prof Devi Singh and Prof Vipul.

5. Established in year 1999, Indian School of Business, Hyderabad was evolved from the need for a world class business school in Asia. It has been ranked No 20 in the Global Top MBA rankings 2012 by Financial Times, London.


Despite the slow job market and less number of finance companies recruiting this placement season, these b-schools managed to prove their status as best finance campuses in India.