VGSoM IIT Kharagpur hosts Nalin Mehta, MD, Mahindra Navistar

 | September 21,2012 02:14 pm IST

Have you ever wondered how the prices of commodities would be affected had there been no Commercial Vehicles? Well, most of us couldnt imagine of such an instance..

Mr. Nalin Mehta,  after completing his B Tech from IIT-Kharagpur and MBA from FMS, New Delhi is currently the managing director of Mahindra Navistar. Mr. Mehta headed various automotive industries like Hindustan Motors and Mahindra Renault before joining Mahindra Navistar. Mr. Mehta has more than 19 years of experience in marketing and is currently managing the Chakan plant of Mahindra Navistar based out in Pune.

Mr. Mehta started the session by explaining the different types of CVs and how they are different from the passenger vehicles. Mr. Mehta attributed that CV industry in India is almost a duopoly with Tata Motors and Ashok Leyland holding nearly 83% of the market shares in India. He explained how Mahindra Navistar was able to grow despite heavy competition. Further, he discussed about the House of Quality, its effectiveness in achieving the customer feedback and how it was effectively used in the creation of outperforming trucks that are robust, reliable, stable and powerful in order to meet the customer demands.

Mr. Mehta explained how the trucks were positioned by taking into consideration the 3 Cs (The Customer, The Competitors and The Corporation). He explained the new brand positioning of Mahindra Navistar which is Ok is no longer Ok, this was used by the company to position themselves from Tata trucks which had the sign Horn Ok Please behind their trucks. He interpreted the basis on which advertisements are done for Mahindra Navistar using the brand identity prism Kapferer Prism.

Mr. Mehta continued with the strategies followed by the competitors like Tata Motors & Ashok Leyland and how they vary with one another. He recognized that Bharat Benz is the new manufacturer of CVs in India with an investment of over 4000 Crores which again explains the potential of the industry. He described the key expectations of the end consumers who are the transporters and how a Brand changes from Rational to Relational then to Emotional. Further he explained the expansion plans of Mahindra Navistar which includes opening new distribution & service points, ensuring customer relationship, innovation, vehicle modularity and cost reduction. The importance of Brand Connect and Brand Initiative was explained with a video on the Transport Excellence Awards of Mahindra Navistar. The award recognized and rewarded Outperformance, Excellence, Innovation and Change Leadership in the Transport Ecosystem. The award was given to transporters (includes fleet drivers), dealers and people who contributed to the Transport Ecosystem to turn the wheels of economy. The session ended with a brief Q&A session wherein Mr. Mehta clarified the various queries the students had in their minds.