VGSoM IIT Kharagpur organises Marketing Summit Marque'12

 | September 21,2012 03:06 pm IST

After the blooming success of HR summit last month, it was time of celebration for marketing enthusiasts at VGSOM, IIT Kharagpur on 13th of September marking the occasion of Marque' 2012-the marketing summit..

The markets of the yester-years have undergone myriad changes on their road to evolution to 'the markets-of-today'. What is popular one year is out-of-style the next, and what was virtually unknown last year may be all the rage today. Branding was an unexplored realm then but it is the buzz word in today's marketing world. The summit was organized to focus on the new strides in the marketing world and about the brand management in today's scenario.

The day started off with a session on ' Yellow Pages' by Mr. Sunder Singh, Global Head- Pre-Sales & Delivery , Tata Consultancy Services. The session covered various topics on Yellow pages life cycle and Business Process, Change in consumer behaviour , Challenges faced by the industry and interesting facts about the paradigm shift from printing media to online media. The stand out part of the entire show was the case study on ' Super Media' which elucidated the Company's emergence from bankruptcy.

The afternoon session witnessed a Panel Discussion on ' Brand loyalty via Emotional Connect' which was attended by distinguished guests viz. Mr. Anshu Bagai, Director-Marketing, Tupperware India, Mr. Prabhash Gokarn, Head Marketing, TATA Steel, Mr. Sunder Singh, Global Head - Pre-sales & Delivery, TCS. The discussion was moderated by Prof. M.N.Tripathi, Professor-Marketing, XIMB. Mr. Tripathi introduced the topic and emphasised to focus on the following points.

  • Emotional Connection as an effective barrier against brand switching.
  • Reasons versus Emotions while choosing a brand
  • Indian Consumers and Emotions

Social Media for boosting Brand loyalty.

Mr. Anshu Bagai spoke on how Tupperware emanated from a ' Plastic dabba Company ' 5 years ago to a brand today which stands for ' Women Empowerment'. Contrast to the direct selling concept of Tupperware , Mr. Prabhash Gokarn talked about how emotional branding throws a challenge to B2B marketing companies like TATA Steel and how they created brand connect with the channel partner and a programme called ' Customer Value Management'. Mr. Sunder Singh took the discussion to a further level and explained how emotional connects pass on to generations with a fine example of Liverpool Football Club. He also spoke about the strategies that TCS usedto create emotional connect with its clients. Once the discussion ended, the students were given a chance to interact with the guests through a query session which gave them further insights about the topic.


In conclusion, it was a great experience for the students of VGSOM to know the branding strategies of varied markets ranging from direct selling FMCG to B2B heavy steel manufacturer to an intangible service based company.