VGSoM IIT Kharagpur students learn Real Estate Marketing business insights by Mr.Pramod Dwivedi

 | August 30,2011 07:00 pm IST

Students at VGSoM were delighted and inspired after the guest lecture by the face of the real estate marketing in the East, Mr.Pramod Dwivedi.

Mr.Dwivedi, marketing head of Ambuja realty, started off the guest lecture by highlighting the challenges faced by the real estate marketing sector which include low entry and exit barrier, black money and high product cost. Mr.Dwivedi was happy to take questions during his lecture and the students were amazed by the man’s humility and politeness! He left no stone unturned and quickly differentiated real estate marketing from any other marketing sector.

Couple of case studies were discussed – the first being: The Ecospace business park with the vision – “.. to make a difference to the way people live..”. Mr.Dwivedi , clearly highlighted the initial challenges faced by Ambuja Realty when it came to executing this world class business park strategy in Kolkata. A video of the complete architecture which took us into a virtual tour through the business park was truly mesmerising! A SWOT analysis of the case soon followed and he emphasized on how Ambuja Realty converted their “weaknesses into strengths”, thus, leasing out more than 95% of the business park to major clients including Bajaj Allianz and HDFC.

His second case study was all about creativity and delivering promise to the clients. The “city centre” mall, which stands tall in the midst of the high street area in Kolkata, initially faced staunch criticism due to the high cost and out-of-the-box architecture. The mall comprised of six differently shaped blocks, each with a unique façade! But then, events like “jomjomat” and “rockOn” coupled with food festivals was exactly what the doctor ordered – as the mall now boasts of some the best in class service retailers and food-joints!

Mr.Dwivedi concluded by talking about the future projects of Ambuja Realty and how they plan to expand beyond Kolkata. He left the stage on a high note by inspiring the budding managers to “never fail to deliver what is promised”!