MDP on Supply Chain Certification for Manufacturing Enterprises at ISB Hyderabad

This certificate programme consists of training in the tools of Global Supply Chain Management that teaches concepts, tools and applications and involves completion of a project within the company. The unified use of basic and advanced concepts for designing and improving supply chains, ISB’s academic environment, well-researched pedagogies and highly acclaimed faculty will be the distinguishing features.


The key differentiators of this programme are as follows:

  1. Group Effort: Each firm will send three to four participants, potentially from different functions that affect supply chain performance
  2. Theory and Practice: Participants learn intensively during the Residency Phase at ISB then apply that knowledge during Project Phase within their organisation
  3. Continuity over Time: Organisations can send a different team of managers over the years so that the next level of problem is addressed
  4. Cross Learning: The Presentation Phase enables inter-firm learning
  5. Certification: Successful completion of three phases will lead to a certification for participants indicating proficiency and expertise in pursuing supply chain excellence
  6. Result-oriented: Evaluation on the process followed by participants on an individual basis for the project work will be done to ensure importance is given to both the end result as well as the path adopted

Who Should Attend: Mid-level managers with 8 to 12 years experience from manufacturing, transportation and retail sectors.

Faculty: Prof.Medini Singh, Prof.Milind Sohoni & Prof.Ram Bala 

Venue: Indian School of Business

Fees: INR: 125000