Prachi Garg

Prachi Garg is computer science graduate from Miranda House, University of Delhi and currently pursuing one year management programme at Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai. Besides being her regular job at analyst at Royal bank of Scotland/Sapient in Project Management domain.


Besides this, she is associated with various Ngo’s and been working for street children, crisis intervention centre. Her interest lies in rolling out various business improvement programmes in organizations, laying down roadmap for developing Tourism or similar projects.

As I was coming out after my last exam of term “Business Statistics”, I just realized, it is just 2.5 months, and one term in b-school over for me.


Sitting in open air amphitheatre, as I was writing this, it was difficult fo

Home away from home, That's exactly how I am feeling after 3 months of my stay at Great Lakes Institute of Management. Though initial days were tough, but kudos to the caring people around, who are an excellent examples of sense of academic

Village - Manamai,  Group 13


Yes, that is how our diary entry to karmyoga starts after every visit to Manamai village. Born and brought up in a small district of Uttar Pradesh, I always find myself close to such places, and

Class at eight, getting up 20 min before class, missing break-fast, rushing to the three hours of Managerial Accounting class, and then waiting for the break to happen during class, another professor, another subject, another two hours of H

The Devil wears Prada” is a learning experience for the freshers who just entered the industry and getting themselves attuned to the intricacies of corporate culture. It is a story of, Andy Sachs (character played by Anne Hathaway), who ju

Rural Market: Untapped Potential

“If you see a woman in a village milking a cow, do you see an opportunity?, but that is exactly where Dr. Varghese Kurien saw an opportunity and it gave birth to one of the most successful organizatio

Tête-à-tête with Prachi Garg: An avid traveller and a budding entrepreneur

Prachi Garg, currently pursuing one year MBA from Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai finds passion in travelling. She is one passionate traveller who converted her hobby into business to become a young entre

Destination are the places that have some form of actual or perceived boundary, such as the physical boundary of an island, political boundaries, or even market-created boundaries.


Types of destination: