IIM Kashipur presents "Leadership Conclave 2013" on 1 & 2 FEB 2013

Start Date:2013-02-01
End Date:2013-02-02
Event Type:Leadership Conclave
Venue:The Corbett Hideaway Resort Zero Garjia Dhikuli, Ramnagar - 244715, Distt- Nainital (Uttarakhand)

Organizing Committee

Dr Rakesh Kumar Agrawal, Associate Professor (OB & HRM)
Dr Dwarika Prasad Uniyal, Associate Professor (Marketing)
Mr Partha Pratim Dasgupta, Advisor, Corporate Relations
Student Coordinators (RSVP)
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Manish Jangra +91 8006269550
Rakesh Kumar +91 8938914918
Ravi Kumar +91 9761588433
Shashank Kumar +91 8938914908
E-mail : lc@iimkashipur.ac.in
Web : www.Ieadershipconclave.iimkashipur.ac.in
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Event Details:
The Industry-Academia Conclave is being initiated by IIM Kashipur to create a platform that will bring together experts from the industry and Academia to discuss the most critical issues in the theory- practice debate. The need of the hour is to put in play a process that enables industry and academia to collaborate on an ongoing basis to create a symbiosis which serves the industry, academia as well as the larger society. The conclave aims at encouraging the exchange of productive ideas and perspectives with an aim of creating strong linkages between academia and industry for the future. It is a confluence of corporate stalwarts, academicians and students to produce innovative solutions to vital issues.
Industry-Academia collaboration hasn’t been harnessed to its full capacity. Students churned out of the current academic system may not be adequately equipped to meet the current job requirements.
Companies have to incur additional expenses to train new hires. As companies look forward to business schools to fill job openings, institutions feel the need to update their processes to be in line with the industry needs. This is not possible without the industry opening its gates to the academic community and enabling them to fully comprehend their problems.
The objectives of the conclave are to understand and appreciate the challenges being faced by both and to provide a road map to address the same. The Conclave will feature presentations and discussions on this theme and find solutions to common goals. The conclave will conclude with the recommendations as reflected in the deliberations.
The four sub-themes which will be thrown open for panel discussions are:
1. Direction: Divergent Goals, Mutual Benefit or Greater Good?
As jobs become more and more specialized, the shortage of fresh graduates who fit the requirements of industry is emerging as a significant and complex challenge to our country’s growth and development. Yet, academicians may believe that education has a greater purpose to fulfill than purely satisfying industry needs. Simultaneously, increasing competition in the market is making it necessary for companies to innovate and seek under-explored resources like academia for competitive advantage over their peers. The natural questions that arise are: Are the goals of industry and academia different? Is it a mutually beneficial relationship? Or should industry and academia be appreciative of each other as they work towards the greater good of society?
This sub-theme aims at deliberating on whether we are currently cultivating a culture of self-interest or are we working towards a shared vision for the greater good.
2. Leadership: In Sync or Passing the Buck?
The issue of taking initiative and accepting responsibility is paramount in the industry-Academia debate. Who should lead this collaboration? Is it the industry that should reach out to academia? Should it be the academia that reaches out to industry?
The second sub-theme seeks to answer these questions while simultaneously identifying the roles of industry and academia to create a strong association.
3. Seeking Answers: Adopting Best Practices or Creating Innovative Structures?
It has been observed that most of the Industry-Academia interactions are unable to yield the desired results. Thus it becomes imperative to create frameworks for effective collaboration. On one hand, globally renowned universities like Harvard, Yale, Stanford etc can provide us with many insights for adopting existing frameworks and best practices. On the other hand, we could come-up with our own solutions to suit the unique needs of industry and education within the Indian context.
This sub-theme would discuss various best practices adopted by academia- industry and whether they are suitable for the Indian context. It would try to put forth innovative frameworks and model solutions for a healthy and purposeful industry academia interaction in India.
4. From intent to Action? Getting Down to the Brass-tacks
 Even after creating frameworks and agreeing to common solutions, it is paramount to implement them. The challenges that surface include a lack of trust over issues such as intellectual property, uncertainty about the potential benefits of working together and the difficulty of finding the resources for initial exploration.
The panel on this topic is expected to create an action plan so that industry-Academia Collaboration doesn’t just remain on paper. It generates implementable solutions that are adopted for effective and lasting industry-academic partnership.
List of Speakers

Abhijit Sengupta, Head-HR,Eveready
Abhra Banerjee,Executive Business Head,Century Ply
Sabyasachi Bhattacharya,Executive Director – HR,Philips Carbon Black Limited
Himanshu Chakrawarti,Chief Executive Officer,The Mobile Store
Amal Das,MD & CEO - HR,Good People
Amit Das,Senior VP - HR,RPG
D Prashanth Nair,Global Head - HR,Cipla Ltd
Dilep Misra,President (Corporate HR),J. K. Organisation (E.Z)
Divakar Kaza,President- HR,Lupin Pharma Ltd
Judhajit Das,Chief Human Resource,ICICI Prudential
Shishir Jha,Head - Human Resources,Jumbo Electronics Co. Ltd. Dubai
P P Sukumaran,President HR,GVK Group
Sudhanshu Tripathi,Group President- HR,Hinduja Group
Sudhir Kapadnis,Director – HR,Sharaf Group
Pradeep Pande,Executive Director - HR & Admin,Binani Industries Ltd
Rajib Ghosh,Vice President- HR,Wipro
S K Menon,Managing Director,BOC
S Roychowdhury,Regional Director - HR,Reckitt Benckiser
S Venkatesh,CEO,Svanishtha
Sudipta Sen,Vice President South East Asia,& MD India SAS Mumbai
T K Srirang,Global Head - HR,ICICI Bank
Yogi Sriram,Senior VP - Corporate HR,L&T